Imadoki TV+ Football Death Game ‘Blue Rock’

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“Japanese people are given roles and like to fulfill them.” “This sport (soccer) is done in such a way that you cannot win just by fulfilling the given roles.” Such stimulating lines. However, “Blue Rock” (TV Asahi) pops up. Touting itself as “the hottest and craziest soccer anime in history,” it has a slightly different flavor than the sports ones we’ve seen. After all, some people say things like this.

“For me, the ball is not a friend or anything; it is just a sphere servant that makes me shine.” It burst out involuntarily. It’s like selling a fight to a world-famous anime.

The problem in the Japanese soccer world is the absence of strikers. The World Cup will only be won with the development of absolute goal-getters. That is why the Japan Football Union created the “Blue Rock” project. To raise the world’s best striker, 300 high school forwards are gathered together, and one is selected. The participation condition is that those who drop out will be permanently disqualified from the national team. In other words, it is a soccer version death game.

Who will be the winner? Who will take the throne of glory in exchange for the dreams of 299 people? The main character, Yoichi Isagi, is an unknown player with the lowest rank, but he realizes that his spatial awareness is his weapon. It will be interesting to see how they survive and grow from now on.

What makes the drama interesting is the setting in which everyone is a rival. It’s just the beginning of quarreling within the team. It’s a match-fixing match between 12 people and ten people. Will a story of friendship, which is essential to sports roots, come to fruition? Natural world cup Qatar from 20thThe tournament will also begin. Germany and Spain are in the same group, the craziest group league ever, but I’m looking forward to the goal of Kaoru Mitoma, who appears in the commercial for the game version of “Blue Rock.”

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