Sumikko Gurashi: The 3rd movie version of the animation ‘The Mysterious Girl of the Tsugihagi Factory’ was released on November 3. New characters Yoshihiko Inohara, the factory manager, and Manami Honjo continue to cast

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It was revealed that the title of the 3rd theatrical animation of the popular character Sumikko Gurashi will be “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Tsugihagi Factory’s Mysterious Girl” and will be released on November 3rd. The third installment is set in a mysterious factory in the forest, and a new character, Kuma Factory Manager, appears. A teaser visual of Sumikko walking in the forest has been released.

Hassum Sakuta, who directed the anime “Oyasan to Boku” and “Uchuu Nanchara Kotetsukun,” will be directing, and Takashi Tsunoda of the theater company “Europe Kikaku” will be in charge of the script. Yoshihiko Inohara and Manami Honjo will be responsible for the narration following the first and second installments. Fanworks produced it.

A teaser was released on YouTube. A polar bear slips inside a toy factory and accidentally presses a switch. How did Sumikko and the others learn to make toys from the bear factory manager and a penguin? It is depicted holding a “〇” and “×” tag and “keeping” a stuffed animal. Sumikko in factory uniforms was also unveiled.

“Sumiko Gurashi” is a popular character developed by San-X, known for Tare Panda and Rilakkuma, since 2012. The first movie version, “Movie Sumikko Gurashi His Pop-up Picture Book and Secret Child” (directed by Mankyu), was released in 2019 and was a hit with over 1.22 million spectators. The second installment, “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Blue Moonlit Night Magical Girl” (directed by Takahiro Omori), was released in 2021, and the number of spectators recorded was about 1.03 million.

Comment from Yoshihiko Inohara
I will be in charge of the narration of “Sumiko Gurashi” with Manami Honjo again this year. I am very honored. My love for Sumikko deepens every year, and I look for corners in the room daily. First, I look forward to meeting Mikko and others in the movie. Please enjoy it at the movie theater.

Comment from Manami Honjo
I was waiting for the news of the third movie! I am full of joy. I will call you again. I’m happy. This time, the stage is an old toy factory nestled in the forest. What kind of toy will come out, and what activity will my favorite polar bear play? I am now looking forward to the recording day. Please look forward to it, both small and big customers. Let’s all go to Sumikko World! See you at the cinema.

Comment from Director Hazmu Sakuta
Sumikko’s movie will be the third, and everyone will work together this time! Worried about how well you can do your job? But why is this so summery? The production team is working hard with the feeling of working with Sumikko. We will deliver fun work, so please come and see everyone’s hard work!

Comment from scriptwriter Takashi Tsunoda
I’m happy to be invited to Sumikko again. All the staff thought about the story again this time. Yokomizo, everyone at San-X, and everyone on the animation team, including Director Sakuta, came up with the idea that it was a strange story. Please enjoy the patchwork factory like a theme park with Sumikko.

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