‘Hiroaka’ makes me cry. New PV released next time Deku vs. A group ‘Come back Deku’ Live broadcast program with voice actors on the 11th

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The latest emotional PV has been released to commemorate the climax of the Yomiuri/Nippon TV anime “My Hero Academia” Season 6 “Black Hero Arc.”

I cry. Deku vs. A group! Deku, who has released a new PV for Emoi “Hiroaka,” has a sense of mission as the successor of the “individuality” One For All, which is the power to defeat the evil All For One (AFO) and the people around him. I left Yuei High School alone because I didn’t want to hurt her.

However, even though he is driven by anger toward AFO, he cannot grasp any clues about AFO and becomes frustrated. Meanwhile, Katsumi Bakugo and Ochako Uraraka, along with 19 other classmates from class 1A of Yuei High School’s hero department, gather in front of Deku and challenge a desperate strategy to bring him back.

Episode 23 (total 136 episodes) of the 6th season broadcast on March 11, “Dek vs. A group,” is a story that will shake the hearts of fans and viewers, which caused a great response among readers when the original was serialized. Is expanded.

The latest PV, produced and released to immerse fans and viewers in the story, has 19 classmates calling Deku’s name against Deku, commonly known as “Black Deku.” It consists of a newly recorded voice that appeals, “Come back!” And as a further project to have fans and viewers of the main anime immerse themselves in the story, we are looking for a message for Deku! In the first-year group, A classmates desperately call out to Deku, who fights alone as a friend.

From the same point of view and at the same pace, we will recruit messages for Deku on Twitter with the hashtag “#Come back Deku” on Twitter. The news will be released in the upcoming Hiroaka 6th promotional project.

In addition, along with the anime broadcast on March 11 (Sat), a live broadcast program featuring Deku’s voice actor, Daiki Yamashita, will be suddenly decided on the YouTube TOHO animation channel. The first part of the live distribution program will be distributed from 17:00 to 17:30, and the second part will be distributed from 18:00 to 18:30 after the anime broadcast ends.

The original work is a popular manga that has sold over 85 million copies. A story of growing up with friends at Yuei High School, a prestigious hero training school, to become a “hero” who protects the “enemy” (villain), a criminal who abuses his personality.

It has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” since July 2014, and the first season of TV animation started in April 2016, and the movie version has also been released.

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