Broadcast tonight! Kiki of ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ flies in the sky with a broom. How hard is it !?

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, this research report is.

Studio Ghibli’s “Witch’s Takkyubin” will be broadcast at 21:00 on April 29, “Friday Road Show”. In the 16th TV broadcast, the audience rating of the past 15 times is astonishing at 24.4% at the highest and 12.5% ​​at the lowest.

Kiki’s healthy efforts will strike the hearts of the viewers. I’ve watched it many times, and even though I know the development and ending, I get angry and cheer, “Do your best!”

The author gets angry at “Witch’s House” because there is also a problem that is anxious in terms of fantasy science.

That is “flying in the sky with a broom”.

Not only “witch’s house”, but witches have been flying across brooms since ancient times, but it is not so easy to do if you think calmly. It requires considerable technique and patience.

Turn over!
“Witch’s Takkyubin” begins with the scene of departure.

The witch girl says she can’t be a real witch unless she leaves home and trains in another city for a year when she’s 13 years old.

According to this rule, Kiki was excited about her hope on the full moon night when she was 13 years old and set out on a broom.

If you look at this departure scene, you can see the relationship between the witch and the broom.

Kiki, who was not accustomed to flying with a broom, was desperately holding on to the broom with both hands. He couldn’t afford to switch on the radio.

After a while, he got used to it, moving his hands away from the broom, but soon he was out of balance and was about to fall.

You can see from this that “only the broom has the power to float.”

If Kiki’s body also had a floating force, she wouldn’t be about to fall off the broom. He probably uses magic to give him the power to fly only to the broom.

If so, Kiki’s straddling a flying broom would be similar to our straddling a horizontal bar.

I had to grab the horizontal bar with her hands and balance it with my legs, which was quite tricky.

It may be a much more difficult act than straddling the horizontal bar.

Both ends of the horizontal bar are fixed to the pillars, but the broom in the air is not set anywhere.

What happens if you straddle such things?

Only the feet are under the broom, and the centre of gravity of the body of the broom is above the broom. Then, no matter how tightly the broom is grabbed, the broom itself will go round! She spins.

Kiki turns upside down and hangs on her broom.

From a scientific point of view, this upside-down posture is not bad. Since the centre of gravity is below, Kiki and Broom are stable.

However, there are likely to be three problems.

You have to support your weight with your hands and feet, which is probably very difficult.

The second is that blood drips on my head.

And third, this position is too suspicious to work for TA-Q-BIN.

Hurry up! But it’s hard …!
Kiki should cast the magic of “fixing the top and bottom” on the broom to solve these problems.

If the broom doesn’t rotate, it’s the same as straddling the horizontal bar, so you don’t have to turn it over as long as you hold it firmly.

However, the same thing as straddling a horizontal bar means that the entire weight concentrates on the thin bar while flying. If the delivery distance is long, it will be pretty tricky.

If you look closely at the animation while worrying, oh, Kiki is sitting at the base of the sweeping part, not the broom’s handle. It’s wide and soft here, so that it might be a lot easier.

However, I was relieved for a while.

Later in the story, Kiki loses her magical power and can no longer fly.

While practising there in a hurry, he broke a broom. The Dragonfly who became a friend is suspended in the airship at that time. It’s a big pinch because of various overlaps.

What happened to Kiki here?

I borrowed a deck brush from a road cleaning uncle and tried to help Dragonfly!

Thanks to that thought, the magical power is revived, and the deck brush soars in the air. Alright, do your best, Kiki.

――The story gets fascinating, but at the same time, I’m worried.

This time, Kiki is riding a thin deck brush, and there is nothing that seems to be comfortable to sit on. This may be a little difficult!

The harshest scene is the scene that went up by the side of a 7-story building.

When observing the screen, it soars to about 20 m in about 1 second. If you calculate the speed, the speed is 72km / h!

When the car starts suddenly, the body is pressed against the seat. I don’t think it’s usually possible to make a sudden start with an average speed of 72km / h, but it won’t be easy if you do.

A rise of 20m in one second is four times the momentum of an object falling freely. Kiki’s whole body is four times as strong as her weight, so if Kiki weighs 40 kg, the force is 160 kg!

This is quite terrible. It is the same situation as a sumo wrestler weighing 160 kg (for example, Takakeishō 166 kg) hangs on the horizontal bar.

Kiki feels so terrible and helps the Dragonfly. There is nothing but good.

However, I feel sorry for it from a scientific point of view. I don’t recommend flying with a deck brush or broom. It is better to wash with a dustpan, a bucket, an elephant, or something with a flat surface or a soft one, even with the same cleaning tool.

With that in mind, please enjoy the broadcast tonight.

The author probably thinks, “Kiki, it’s better to fly with a dustpan”, at first, but I think I’ll forget about it and support Kiki.

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