‘Hiropuri’ Sora sets new records for all events in sports test Wearing uniform with Mashiro and smiling Episode 7 scene cut released.

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The 20th new series of the popular anime “Pretty Cure” broadcast on the 19th, “Spreading Sky!” Pretty Cure” (ABC TV/TV Asahi every Sunday at 8:30) has released the 7th episode scene cut and synopsis.

Episode 7, “Pounding! The transfer student is a hero girl!!” comes to school in matching uniforms. Sora introduces himself to her classmates as “a transfer student from overseas,” but she is likely to say she is from Skyland accidentally, so Sora decides not to stand out too much.

However, in her physical education, she demonstrates her inherent motor skills, and in sports tests, she sets new school records in all events. After her class, she worried about Sora, but all her classmates were impressed and called out to her.

During the lunch break, Mashiro takes Sora to the rooftop. There, she confesses that when she first entered the school, she couldn’t easily talk to people around her, and she was encouraged by the cherry blossoms in the courtyard that she could see from the rooftop. When Sora hears the story, she behaves like usual at her school and calls out to her classmates, “I want to say hello to the new school again.”

“Expanding Sky! The motif of Pretty Cure is the endless sky, and the theme is the Hero. The story unfolds in two cities, the sky world “Skyland” and the nature-filled “Solaseed City,” where new Pretty Cures play an active role.

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