‘Hirogaru Sky! PreCure’, episode 33! Majestic Kurnikrun

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The TV anime “Hirogaru Sky! Precure” has released the synopsis and preview scene cuts for episode 33, “The Ultimate Power! Majestic Kurunikrun,” which will be broadcast on Sunday, September 17th.

The motif of this work is the endless sky. The theme is “Hero”. The keyword is “The world expands through knowledge.” “Skyland” is a world in the sky, and “Soraside City” is surrounded by nature. A new Pretty Cure is playing an active role in two cities! Hop to a world that expands infinitely like the sky! Step! Jump! Precure’s adventure begins now!

TV anime “Hirogaru Sky!” Precure”, episode 33 synopsis & scene cut
Episode 33 “The Ultimate Power! Majestic Kurunikurun”
Sora (cv. Akira Sekine) and his friends are called by Yoyo, who was continuing his investigation in Skyland, and come to the royal palace. According to Yoyo, ruins suddenly surfaced from the bottom of the lake a week ago.

The “ultimate power to save everyone” is sealed in ruins, and the key to enter is the “child of destiny,” Elle (cv. Aoi Koga). Mashiro (cv. Ai Kakuma) thinks about the possibility of Elle being in danger, so why don’t the four of them go alone? He suggested this, but Elle said, “I want to go,” and we all decided to go into the ruins.

The inside of the ruins was like a maze, but as if El knew where he was going, he proceeded without hesitation. An altar in the innermost room contained a book with the “ultimate power,” “Majestic Kurnikrun.” However, even if Elle picks up the book, she won’t open it.

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