‘Sazae-san,’ Masuo is worried about the internet & Tsukkomi, ‘I can’t get angry. ‘Same level as bonito.’

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On the 25th, the episode “Masuo-san gets angry,” which became a hot topic on SNS, was broadcast on the Fuji TV anime “Sazae-san” (Sunday 6:30).

The main character Sazae’s husband, Masuo Fuguta, obtained a pistol-shaped lighter at a street stall. When he tries to light his boss’s cigar, it turns into a water gun due to Katsuo’s prank, and he makes a mistake by pouring water on him. Masuo realizes that Katsuo did it, and when he comes home, he says, “It may be a prank, but there are things you can do and things you can’t do!” As a token of apology, Katsuo tries to polish Masuo’s leather shoes, but the old necktie used as a polishing cloth is a remembrance of Masuo. Finally, Masuo drops thunder on Katsuo again.

Speaking of Masuo, he is known as a friendly and gentle character, but in this episode, there were many scenes where he got angry, which worried the viewers. Seeing Masuo go home quickly, lift his eyebrows, and berserk at the sword curtain, he tweeted, “Mr. Masuo, you’re so angry,” “What’s wrong… Masuo!” I reconfirmed that Masuo-san is also an average irritable person,” said various voices.

On the other hand, Masuo, who brings toys to the company, says, “I understand your anger, but he doesn’t want to bring such things to the company.” It was the same level as the punchline,” said Tsukkomi one after another.

“Sazae-san” has been a hot topic on social media for the past few weeks, and “Masuo-san” and “Sazae-san” were among the top trends on Twitter that day. There is also a tweet saying, “When Sazae-san is over every week, someone will be in the trend,” and it is becoming a tradition on Sunday nights.

On the 4th broadcast, “Norisuke’s Entry Ban,” Norisuke lied that Namihira was ill due to his slacking off and was banned from the Isono family. In the “Flickering Yellow Card” on the 11th, it was found that the drunk Namihei was 54 years old. On Twitter, “Namihei Isono is 54 years old, Masaharu Fukuyama is 53 years old”, “Namihei Isono is 54 years old, and if he is an entertainer, he is the same age as Kuranosuke Sasaki.

There were also comments comparing her with celebrities. Furthermore, on the 18th, “Namihira is Grandpa?”, He broadcasts an episode where he challenges soccer on Respect for the Aged Day and gets muscle pain. “I realized again that Kazu, who is also 54 years old (actually 55 years old) and still active, is amazing,” said a surprised voice.

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