New ‘Gundam’ figures one after another at the ROBOT Spirit 15th Anniversary Exhibition ‘City Hunter’ new works get off to a good start.

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“Anime Week” introduces the week’s anime news all at once. From September 10 to 16, the information that City Hunter the Movie: Angel’s Tears (Angel Dust)” got off to a good start, and the opening of the figure exhibition ROBOT Spirits 15th Anniversary EVENT ” attracted attention.

On September 10, it was announced that the third season of the TV anime series ” Love Live! Superstar!!” from the famous “Love Live!” series will be broadcast in 2024. This is the first time a third season of the “Love Live!” series will be produced.

On the 10th, it was announced that the new theatrical version of the popular anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, ” Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie < Walpurgis Kaiten >”, will be released in the winter of 2024.

On the 10th, a compilation of the animated trilogy “Kizumogatari” of the anime “Monogatari” series, which is based on the famous novel by Isin Nishio, was produced and released as “Kizumogatari -Koyomi Vamp-” on January 12, 2024. It was learned that the movie will be released in theaters from the 1st.

On the 11th, Tsukasa Hojo’s new animated version of the popular manga “City Hunter”, “City Hunter the Movie: Angel’s Tears (Angel Dust)”, grossed 324.94 million yen three days after its release on September 8. It turned out that we had broken through. The number of spectators was approximately 210,000. It got off to a good start, taking first place in the movie audience attendance rankings from August 8 to 10 (according to Kogyo Tsushinsha).

On the 12th, the final part of “The Final Season,” the last chapter of the TV anime “Attack on Titan,” based on Hajime Isayama’s popular manga, will be aired on NHK General TV at midnight on November 4. It has been announced that a special will be broadcast.

On the 12th, it was announced that the world’s largest anime event, “AnimeJapan 2024,” will be held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto Ward, Tokyo) on March 23rd and 24th, 2024. The venue size has been expanded since the last time, and measures aimed at families and creators will be revived for the first time in about four years.

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