Masato Soda ‘Megumi no Daigo Salvation Orange’ will be animated in 2023! Directed by Masahiko Murata

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Masato Soda’s ” Megumi no Daigo Salvation Orange ” will be animated in 2023. A promotional video has been released.

“Megumi Daigo: Salvation Orange,” serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha), was published weekly by Soda from 1995 to 1999. The new work of “Megumi no Daigo” was serialized in Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan).

The story depicts the struggle and growth of three young firefighters, Daigo Toake, Shun Onda, and Yuki Nakamura, aiming to become an elite unit of the firefighting organization, the special rescue team, commonly known as “Orange.”

The latest six volumes have been released. In the anime, Masahiko Murata is the director., Brains Base is in charge of animation production. Regarding animation, Soda said, “I usually only think about manga production, so creators and expressions inspire me in other fields. ‘ commented.

Comment from Masato Soda Thanks to the support of our readers, the anime has been decided. Thank you. I usually only think about manga production, so I am inspired by creators in other fields and their methods of expression. From now on, I’m excited to be able to improve both manga and anime. So please expect by all means.

Comment from director Masahiko Murata I’ve always liked the original manga from the previous work “Megumi no Daigo,” so when I received an offer to make a new animation, I was very happy and accepted without hesitation.

In adapting the anime, all of the disasters depicted in the original work could have happened in real life. I want to powerfully show the passionate hearts of Yuki and other rescue workers. Please look forward to it. (c) Masato Soda, Kuro Tomiyama, Kodansha / “Megumi Daigo Savior’s Orange” Production Committee

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