‘Hisashi Eguchi RECORD Exhibition’ is finally held for two years. Exchange with Mr. Eguchi fans ‘I was looking forward to it too.’

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Hisashi Eguchi (65), a cartoonist and illustrator known for “Recommend !! Pirates” and “Stop !! Hibari-Kun!” Every day, we will hold an art book, “RECORD,” at Bunkamura Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo. “RECORD Exhibition” is being held. It was

Mr. Eguchi is highly evaluated for beautiful and beautiful girl illustrations. The art book “RECORD” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha) containing 29 CD jackets provided to Takuro Yoshida and Ging Nang BOYZ was released in April 2020. Still, all the autograph sessions and events to commemorate the publication are Corona. I had to postpone it. The event in Tokyo, which was finally realized after two years, will be held from the 16th to the 31st of this month. “I’ve kept the fans waiting, but I was looking forward to it. During Corona, I couldn’t show my work right away. Everyone who came to the venue was pleased. I’m most happy to be there, “he said.

In the exhibition, in addition to the works recorded in the painting collection from BAHO “HAPPENINGS” in 1992 to so nice “Kosokudo” in 2020, the theme of SEKAI NO OWARI “umbrella” and the animation “Sony Boy” that he designed his character last year. Ging Nang BOYZ’s “Boys and Girls,” who played the song, nicely excellent “Time Of The Departure,” and other new works released after publication are also lined up.

“The number of new jobs has increased in the last two years. For me, the announcements are only in the middle of the process. I have a strong desire to show new ones one after another, but in Corona, I am depressed in that part. I was satisfied when I finished the work, but our work is completed only when we show it to others and make them happy. “

He has worked on illustrations in many genres, but he has a strong passion for LP jackets because he aspires to be a musician at a young age and is known as a music lover. “It’s fun because there are restrictions on the squares and squares of the jacket. Some things are different from other illustrations, such as which part of the restrictions should be blank. And I like the fact that I take on it. I’m just an artist who makes music, so I hope that the illustrations will have a synergistic effect and spread my favorite music. ” Mr. Eguchi selected the best compilation album of Moonriders, which is said to be a big fan, and a project to work on his LP jacket is waiting, “I’ve been late … I want to do it soon. It’s been about five years already.” With a bitter smile.

Admission to the exhibition is free. One autograph ticket will be distributed to purchasers of 3000 yen or more at the venue shop. Two tickets will be allocated for 6000 yen or more, and you can have Mr. Eguchi, who is in the hall, sign with a signature ticket (up to two signature tickets a day). Mr. Eguchi’s time in the gallery is being sent out on his own Twitter account. The exhibition will also be held at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Railway in Osaka from June 2nd to 13th.

It has been 45 years since its debut in 1977. “I would like to continue my activities to announce them as soon as I draw them. I hope everyone will be more pleased with that,” he said.

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