Tomokazu Sugita and others are in charge of dubbing the Chinese comedy animation ‘Call Star,’ which will be broadcast and distributed from January 10, 2023

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Tomokazu Sugita, Shinichiro Kamio, Haruki Ishitani, Tohka Moriya, and Shuichiro Umeda starring in the Japanese dubbed version of the Chinese comedy anime ” Call Star -I am a useless star?- ” will be released on January 10, 2023. It has been decided that it will be broadcast and distributed. In addition, a promotional video and critical visual have also been released.

The film depicts the daily life of a star who runs over the heads of people who have fainted, solving various cases to prove the value of his existence, which he began to doubt—produced by Guangzhou 95 Year Animation Co., Ltd., a Chinese animation studio that worked on “Mini Mame-chan.”

Sugita is in charge of the role of a star who dreams of becoming a superstar. Kamio is Star’s best friend, Darchi, who helps him. Ishitani is Nanajo, who loses her memory in 7 seconds but can see the future, and Mail-chan, a dandelion fluff who works as a love letter delivery person. Finally, Moriya Umeda plays Time, a talkative and slightly cheeky hourglass who often lies because he lacks self-confidence. The ending theme song “Met” is sung by the rock band “LUCY IN THE ROOM.”

The PV is narrated by Sugita, who plays the leading role, and is content to put tsukkomi in the synopsis and images. The critical visual depicts a star holding a sign and Darchi holding a loudspeaker.

The broadcast will start at 11:15 pm on January 10 on AT-X. The next day, distribution will begin on the 11th at d anime store, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Below are comments from Sugita and Kamio.

Tomokazu Sugita (star role)

A star that runs over your head when you faint. When I heard about the role, I had a question mark and stars running side by side above my head.

It will be a work that everyone will suddenly want to see like a shining star.

I will be in charge of the voice of Darci, one of the exciting worldviews and beloved characters. Please watch it without thinking about anything, and please be healed by the cute guys. However…it can suddenly become serious, so don’t let your guard down.

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