‘Sakugi’ is Rie Kugimiya’s best movie of her life. What impressed you recently?

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When you think about going to a movie or trying to watch a movie on a video distribution service, you probably don’t know what to watch or have too many choices to get lost.

Movie.com updates the project “Masterpieces and Masterpieces Seen by That Person.” We will introduce masterpieces and masterpieces recommended by celebrities who are active in the movie and drama industries. The 8th is Rie Kugimiya, a voice actor who acts as a personality on the radio program “Sakaguchi-Kun and Kugimiya-san’s Book Traveler” (nicknamed “Sakugi”). Please read it together with the 7th installment of Daisuke Sakaguchi.

Mr. Kugimiya is in charge of many dubbing movies and overseas dramas, such as the role of Eleven in the Netflix series “Stranger Things Unknown World” as well as anime works such as “Shakugan no Shana” and “Toradora!”. In charge of the personality of the book-themed radio program “Sakaguchi-Kun and Nagimiya-san’s Book Traveler” (nicknamed “Sakugi”) with Mr. Sakaguchi, who co-stars in one of her masterpieces such as the anime “Gintama.” I have. It is broadcast on Radio Osaka every Sunday from midnight (midnight on Monday). It is also being distributed on the official YouTube channel of Animehack (https://www.youtube.com/c/animehack_official) and the official niconico channel. Live streaming is also available once a month (live streaming has a paid part).

The “Sound of Music” that I used to watch when I was a kid

Please tell us the best movie of your life, Mr. Kugimiya.

Kugimiya: My best movie is “The Sound of Music.” I always answered that in the questionnaire, and I think it’s no exaggeration to say that I grew up with this movie.

When I was a kid, there was a video recording of what my parents had aired on TV, and I watched it all the time from 7 or 8 years old to elementary school students. When I had little time and didn’t have an exciting TV program, I sometimes watched it many times a week, as if I had to watch it once. There is also a video of the same musical movie, “Chorus Line,” “Chorus Line” when you want to see something with a gorgeous atmosphere with a sense of tempo and when you have plenty of time and want to listen to a good song with a warm feeling Like “Sound of Music,” I used to use different purposes as a child. “The Sound of Music” was a long movie.

Is the “Sound of Music” being looked back on even as an adult?

Kugimiya: I haven’t seen it now, but even if I don’t dare to see it, I feel like I know the situation in the sky as much as I can imagine. I’ve seen it so much that I don’t know how to put it into words anymore, but after all, the songs are lovely, and I wonder if the universal story that connects everyone with music is attractive. Think. I watched Captain Trapp in my childhood and thought that it was excellent, and I believe that the female hero changing the situation to a positive one with just one idea greatly influenced me. I feel it.

What kind of movies have you seen at the cinema recently?

Kugimiya: I haven’t seen it in movie theaters these days, and the one I saw most recently is “Bohemian Rhapsody.” This is also a music movie, but I was very impressed with the present because it was seen in a movie theater with good sound. Like Mr. Sakaguchi, who runs the program together, I don’t watch many action movies, and I’m more interested in story-based movies and movies involving music.

A Broadway musical composed by Richard Rodgers and written by Oscar Hammerstein II, directed by Robert Wise in “West Side Story.” It is known as a masterpiece musical that has made a name for itself in movie history, along with several famous songs sung in the play, such as “Doremi no Uta,” “My Favorite,” and “Edelweiss.” At the Academy Awards, he won a work award, a director’s award, and five other categories. Since it was released in Japan in 1965, it has been loved for many years.

“Amelie” was full of points where girls came to Kyun.

Are there any other movies you’ve watched many times besides “The Sound of Music”?

Kugimiya: I’ve seen “Amelie” dozens of times since I became an adult. That movie is too good because there are too many points where girls come to Kyun. The paintings were wonderfully studded with detailed attention to detail, such as the colors of the kitsch images and the fashionable composition that felt the aesthetics. The story was also good, so I often watched it, thinking it would be healing—Rice field.

At the time of release, the cream Brulee that appeared in work was famous.

Kugimiya: Yeah, it was popular. I wouldn’t say I like it unless it’s a little tricky.

“Amelie” work information
A romantic comedy set in Montmartre, Paris, depicting her daily life and the whereabouts of her clumsy love, a fantasy woman with pop images and black humor, was a massive hit in France and Japan. Audrey Tautou plays the main character Amelie with plenty of charm, and Mathieu Kassovitz, who is also active as a director such as “The Crimson River,” co-stars. The director is Jean-Pierre Jeunet of “Delicatessen”.

My favorite movie is “Whisper of the Heart,” I think everything is lovely.

Please tell us if you have any other memorable movies.

Kugimiya: Ghibli’s “Whisper of the Heart” is my favorite movie; I think everything is lovely. It is imposing because it overlaps with my memories at the release time. Since I was a reading girl, I also stabbed a situation where Shizuku Tsukishima and Seiji Amasawa met and became aware of each other by writing a book. The two who grew up supported each other, Shizuku wrote a story, and Seiji Amasawa made a violin. The development … everything is lovely, that movie … I’m sorry, it’s been a bit quick (laughs).

“Listen to your ears” work information.
Studio Ghibli made an animated movie of Aoi Hiiragi’s shoujo manga of the same name. Shizuku Tsukishima, a third-year junior high school girl who loves reading, finds that many books she borrows from the library have the word “Seiji Amasawa.” Since then, Seiji Amasawa has never known her face. I was worried. One day during the summer vacation, she is led by a cat she encounters on her way to the library, and Shizuku wanders into a mysterious general store called “Earth Shop.” Eventually, they learn that the owner’s grandson boy is Seiji Amasawa, and the two gradually shorten the distance. The first feature film was directed by Yoshifumi Kondo, a famous animator who has supported the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. This was Kondo’s first and last directorial work; they passed away at 46 in 1998.

I want to try new things, and I got a push on my birthday; Twitter opened.

I’m grateful that I wanted to hear such a story. Excuse me for the topic far from the movie, but what made you start Twitter (https://twitter.com/rie_k_0530) on May 30th of, your birthday?

Kugimiya: I wanted to try something new that I hadn’t done before, so I was always consulting with the office about how to do Twitter.

So, just about two days before this year’s birthday, I thought, “OK! Let’s try it”, so I consulted with a friend I met and asked them to teach me various things. After that, I consulted with the office again and asked them to create an account, and I was able to open it. It may have been good to start anytime, but I think my birthday was why I got a push on my back.

Before I started, I wondered if hundreds of people would do something like “hello,” but I was shocked to hear a lot of replies from the voice actors, and the numbers were significant. Right after I started, eh? E? It was like … (laughs). I’m wondering if it’s OK to do it with such a laid-back feeling, and I’m tweeting every day that it doesn’t matter.

For a program that you can listen to leisurely, “Sakugi” talks about your favorite things in common with Daisuke Sakaguchi.

Finally, please tell us about the radio program “Sakaguchi-Kun and Nagimiya-san’s Book Traveler” that you are doing with Mr. Sakaguchi.

Kugimiya: The program is “Book Traveler,” but it is becoming a program where the two people often talk about their favorite things, such as food and books. Even so, I have a section called “Issue Books” every month, and I always read one book a month for work, so I feel very fulfilled that I am having a healthy year this year. Some of the listeners are reading the assignment books simultaneously, and I’m glad they were added to one of the candidates to read by our introduction.

We are talking every time, wondering if the program is not too high in tension and can be listened to leisurely, and we are sending it while having fun. I hope you enjoy the program, including the atmosphere.

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