Horikawa-kun from the anime ‘Sazae-san’ is too scary! Name the chick ‘Wakame’ and go to the Isono family.

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Is it horror anymore? Secretly invading the Isono family.

I speak of psychopathic characters in the anime “Sazae-san,” Wakame’s classmate Horikawa-kun. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary boy, but from the broadcasts after the 2010s, “Horikawa-Kun’s strange words and actions” are often drawn. So, this time, I would like to introduce “Horikawa-Kun’s eccentricity episode” that shook the world’s viewers.

First of all, from the broadcast time “Horikawa-Kun’s Egg” on July 20, 2014. Horikawa-kun, who divided the “eggs of the poultry farm” into the Isono family, gives detailed instructions on how to eat, such as “Be sure to eat with” Tamago Kake Gohan “and “Eat by the end of the day.” And the next day, he went back to the Isono family to hear his impressions. He tells the reason, “I think it’s rude to call,” but of course, Wakame seemed to be amazed, “It’s rude to come.”

After that, Horikawa-kun started talking by showing “a picture of a chick” and saying, “I gave it a name because it’s so cute,” without showing any pretense to go home. The name he gave the chick is “Wakame,” and he explains the mystery, “I gave my name to a male, but it’s a female.” In the end, he said with a smile, “If a chick’s wakame lays an egg, I’ll have a human wakame eat it first.” There was a flood of comments such as.

In another broadcast, “Horikawa-Kun’s younger brother,” Horikawa-Kun’s “composition” became a hot topic. “My younger brother is Heikichi. Sometimes I play catch,” he reads out the composition, but Horikawa-kun is an “only child.” He treats “stains on the wall” as his younger brother and seems to have played catch by himself against the wall.

Besides, you can keep tadpoles under the floor of the Isono family, secretly invade the Isono family, and take a “peeping” … Horikawa-Kun’s eccentricity is endless. When Wakame warned, “Don’t look into people’s homes without permission,” he made a shocking remark, “I’m sorry, I’ll try not to find it this time.”

In the first place, Horikawa-kun is a character that does not exist in the original 4-frame manga “Sazae-san.” The mystery of why a person like him appeared in the anime version is only deepening among viewers.

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