Musical ‘SPY x FAMILY’ Yuri, Fiona, Franklin, and others visual unveiling

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From the musical “SPY x FAMILY,” the 2nd “Make-up Visual” featuring the cast in stage costumes has been released.

The second costume visual is Raimu Okamiya and Tsubasa Takizawa (double cast) as Yuri Briar, Nonoka Yamaguchi as Fiona Frost, Kento Kiuchi as Frankie Franklin, and Souma Suzuki as Henry Henderson. , Includes the costume of Manato Asana, who plays the role of Sylvia Sherwood. In the first visual, the costumes of Win Morisaki and Hiroki Suzuki, who play the role of Lloyd Forger, and Fuuka Yuizuki and Mirei Sasaki (Hinatazaka46), who play the role of Yol Forger, were shown ( HTTPS:// ).

In the original manga “SPY x FAMILY” serialized in “Shonen Jump +,” Twilight (Twilight), a brilliant spy who was assigned a top-secret mission, took the pseudonym Lloyd Forger and married the killer Yol. It depicts how she creates a “temporary family” with the daughter Anya, who has the ability and challenges her mission. The second cool of the TV anime version will start on October 1.

The musical version will be performed at the Imperial Theater from March 8 to 29, 2023. Then, as a nationwide tour performance, it will be performed at Hyogo Prefectural Performing Arts Center KOBELCO Large Hall in April 2011 and Hakataza in May 2011. Tickets for the Imperial Theater performance will go on sale to the general public on December 24, 2010.

The comments of the cast who appeared in the second costume visual are as follows.

[Raimu Okamiya (role
of Yuri Briar)] I’m Raimu Okamiya, and I’ll be playing the role of Yuri Briar! I am pleased and honored to be involved in the first musical adaptation and to be able to stand at the Imperial Theater again! I will do my best to make Yuri, carefully brought to life by the original author Endo-sensei, look attractive to everyone! Please provide some support!

[Tsubasa Takizawa / Enjin (as Yuri Briar)]
I’ve always been a big fan of “SPY x FAMILY,” and it’s like a dream to play Yuri Briar, who is one of my favorites! When I put on the costume, I finally got a real sense of it, and I couldn’t hold back my excitement, and I was always
grinning during the shoot (laughs). Yuri’s feeling for her sister is something I can sympathize with because I have her sister. As expected, it’s not as good as Yuri’s (laughs). On stage, I will do my best to play Yuri faithfully to the original, so the fans can be satisfied!

[Nonoka Yamaguchi (voice of Fiona Frost)]
I’ve always liked the series, so I was happy to hear about it. I’m looking forward to seeing how the family’s secrets will play out on stage, and I’m excited that Fiona Frost, who I’ll be playing, will also be able to fulfill the mission together. I also really like Fiona’s cute gap, so I want to do my best to be able to play her attractively. Her costumes, hair, and make-up during the visual shoot were utterly different from my usual self, and I felt as if I had come to another world. So I want to act carefully while feeling the way of life of Fiona, who has such a strong worldview. Thank you.

[Kento Kiuchi (Frankie Franklin)]
“SPY x FAMILY,” packed with only interesting elements, where a spy, a child with supernatural powers, and a killer become a family, how will it become a musical? I’m looking forward to it. Frankie Franklin is a role with many quirks and quirks, both on the outside and the inside, but he wants to play Frankie, who is like me. The hair and make-up artist wrapped my hair up nicely, and when I put on the costume and glasses, I was Franky! I feel that he is a very impactful character. I can’t wait for the day I can practice!

[Soma Suzuki (role of Henry Henderson)] It’s been
a while since I’ve worn a morning dress. This time he is serving as the house master of a prestigious school, which is extremely difficult. What an honor! Many readers and viewers have enjoyed and sympathized with the beautiful worldview and story that Tatsuya Endo has created. While cherishing this, I would like to build the musical “SPY x FAMILY” elegantly full of dynamism with the lovely staff and cast. We are looking forward to meeting you in our elegant theater.

[Asaka Manato (voice of Sylvia Sherwood)]
Hello or good evening. Everyone. I’m Manato Asaka, who plays Sylvia Sherwood. I’m already excited to enter the world of my favorite “SPY x FAMILY”! Just seeing everyone’s costume visuals made me thrilled! Be doing. I am very interested in how Full Metal Lady sings and dances. Please look forward to the mission starting in March 2023.

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