TRUMP series ‘Deriko’s Nursery’ anime production decision!

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As a new development of the original theater work “TRUMP” series, the production of a completely new TV animation, “Derico’s Nursery, “has been decided. See the teaser visual and work logo. The “TRUMP” series is an original theater work performed by playwright Kenichi Suemitsu in 2009 with a cumulative total of over 120,000 people.

This work has been performed many times in response to the response of the premiere and has the same worldview as “LILIUM,” “SPECTER,” “Grand Guignol, “and “Marigold.”, “COCOON,” “Black World,” and “Velakikka.”

In a society where vampires and humans coexist but are at odds with each other, people are at the mercy of the immortality legend of the legendary vampire “TRUMP,” who is said to have “eternal life.” 5000 years”.

This work has not been limited to stage performances. Still, it has been developed in various media such as canonicalization and play song concerts, but this time a completely new TV animation, “Derico’s Nursery,” will be produced! Like the stage work supported by many fans, we will deliver a magnificent and beautifully crafted worldview in animation.

In conjunction with this announcement, the original character design: A teaser visual drawn by the wilderness, and a production decision PV have been released. In addition, Kenichi Suemitsu, the original story, series composition, and screenplay, said, “Instead of making an animation of an existing work that has been performed in the past, we will produce a new TV animation. 2010). It still feels like a dream to someday make something I imagined come true in the real world.

The dubbing has already started, but the talented voice actors are TRUMP. It breathes new life into the series.” commented. Director: Hiroshi Nishikori said, “From the fun everyday life of a comedy to the tragedy that engulfs everyone and plunges people into despair, various elements are intertwined, and the world of Suemitsu is fully unfolding. Now, where are we going this time? Is it true…” he said. Stay tuned for more information on the TV anime “Derico’s Nursery,” including the broadcast schedule and cast! (C) Kenichi Suemitsu/Derico’s Nursery Production Committee

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