How can adults who know the “ceiling” grow further? Thoughts that Mikihisa talked about in the anime “Shaman King”

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What Mikihisa Asakura asked the Lotus and others to see their limits

The 27th episode of the TV anime “Shaman King” broadcast on October 14, 2021 (Thursday) will continue with a shocking last. The story depicts Tao Ren’s death (maybe), but there are many other highlights, and he keeps an eye on the anime broadcast every week. Let’s look back on the contents again.

First of all, about the limit of “ceiling” that I feel unpleasant when I reach the age of Mikihisa Asakura, the father of leaves. This is a story that I am also impressed with, and it gets stuck in my heart as I get older. The original was drawn about 20 years ago … At that time, Professor Takei was still young, and I think he imagined the future to come, but now he is old enough to realize it.

However, if there are viewers/readers who feel the same way, I think it is hasty to think of it as a bad story. I think the reason I suffer from the “ceiling” is that I still have the proof that I have something I want to do and something I want to protect.

However, they cannot be achieved by pushing force like in the past. Whether you spend your time complaining about the limit of “ceiling” with pessimism or trying to achieve it in another way … I think there is a turning point in whether people who know “ceiling” can grow further. It is.

Mikihisa was the latter. That’s why you tried to nurture the younger generation. I think the method is pretty rough, but it’s probably because of Mikihisa’s hard head and a strong sense of responsibility, as Haha said in episode 26 of last week’s broadcast. We want to continue to search for ways to make it happen without giving up.

Next is Ludo Cebu and Sailam that finally appeared. These brothers and sisters have the qualities of being a kid and are also crucial persons participating in the Shaman Fight in collaboration with Mikihisa. I just talked about nurturing younger generations, so I wondered if it was such a connection, but it has a meaning that is not enough.

As you can see, the battle between the women is about to break out, and Anna is about to start the battle, which suggests that it is not just a matter of fact. Let’s pay attention to their game’s future development, and the importance of brothers and sisters is!

What upset her confident Lotus?

Now, let’s look back on the battle that will lead to the last episode of Episode 27. Hao’s breathing ten priests, Magna and Nichrome, stand in the way, but they seem to have only pride as ten priests, and instead of trying to help themselves, they provoke Peyote and others.

You may think that it doesn’t matter who will do it, but in fact, the “out-of-field brawl” in Shaman Fight is something that Cordova admits. I think that will be talked about next time in anime. In other words, there is no problem in trying to kill the Lotus by it.

I thought that Lotus, who had not yet learned the “super-occupational conviction,” had a heavy load, but he was confident and actually imitated Mikihisa’s look and wore “Fumontonko.” I was wearing it. As Nichrome said, “Qi Men Dun Jia” is a directional technique (fortune-telling that looks in the direction).

If you identify the flow of shrine power, it is easy to grab it or avoid it ……, which is a technique unique to Hao Asakura, a master of the great yin yang. For the Hao faction, it seems to be the basis of the basics, but it can be said that the influence of being deprived of the advantage is not tiny.

However, a word deprives the possibility of lotus victory at once. It was said that during the Shaman Fight qualifying, the ten priests, Chrome, who lost his life to Lotus, were Nichrome’s older brother. It doesn’t matter if it’s destroyed or murdered to achieve its purpose … Lotus at that time knew only such a way of life, but now it’s different. Peyote’s Grande Fantasma knife pierced his chest, which was created by being upset by his past deeds.

By the way, at this time, Peyote says “adios eternamente,” which means “goodbye, forever.”

If the Lotus dropped out, it would be pretty difficult to win with just Holo Holo and Choco Love. For the time being, they succeeded by prioritizing the hemostasis of Lotus over victory, but what will happen to the battle in the future?

When it comes to the glares of the flower troupe and Anna, the battle between the Peyote and Holo Holo, the chocolate lover, and Mikihisa on the move, I’m wondering where and what the leaves are doing. It should be revealed next time, so let’s look forward to it.

That’s all for today. I look forward to working with you next time!

Tashiro Hayato
A founding member of the beautiful girl game brand “age,” he has been a scenario, director, and director for a long time. Her masterpieces are the “Rumbling Hearts” series and the “Muv-Luv” series. She is currently freelance. She participates in the 20th-anniversary project of “Shaman King” because of her old friendship with Hiroyuki Takei.

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