The TV anime ‘Dungeon Meshi’ will be broadcast next January. Teaser PV & 2nd visual also released.

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The TV animation of the popular manga “Dungeon Meshi,” which was announced in August last year, will be broadcast in January 2024. At the same time, the TV animation teaser PV drawn by animation production TRIGGER has been released.

“Dungeon Meal” is about an adventurer, Raios, who was attacked by a dragon deep in the dungeon and lost money and food. I starve to death on the way. So Raios decides, “Yes, let’s eat monsters!” Slimes, basilisks, mimics, and dragons… A story that aims to conquer the dungeon while eating ferocious monsters that attack.

In the released teaser PV, the world of the anime “Dungeon Meshi” was finally unveiled, and the appearance of the “monster-eating” Raios that appeared in the dungeon was drawn. Attention is also focused on the animation images and character voices that will be unveiled for the first time.

In addition, the second teaser visual has also been released. Raios, the leader who loves monsters; Marsil, a serious wizard; Chilchuck, a half-foot locksmith; and Sensi, who is good at cooking monsters. A new visual featuring four unique party members surrounding a large pot. The four enjoy a meal around a large pot in the middle of their dungeon adventure. However, upon closer inspection, the contents of the large pot are some eerie monster. A huge red shadow looms behind them.

The director is Yoshihiro Miyajima, who has been involved in “Little Witch Academia” and “SSSS.GRIDMAN” and will be the director of a TV anime series for the first time. Kimiko Ueno, who worked on “Little Witch Academia” and “BNA BNA,” is in charge of the series composition, and Naoki Takeda is in charge of character design. In addition, Yasunori Mitsuda, who has worked on game music such as “Chrono Trigger” and “Xenogears,” will participate in the music.

In addition, the main characters, Raios, will be played by Kentaro Kumagai as Raios, Ayaka Senbongi as Marsil, Asuna Tomari as Chilchuck, and Hiroshi Naka as Senshi.

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