Hyper action race animation ‘HIGHSPEED Etoile’ started!

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The race scene that has evolved to the limit shakes the world’s soul! The original TV animation “HIGHSPEED Etoile” project was announced, and the key visuals and character visuals were released.

“HIGHSPEED Etoile” is a hyper-action race animation project that will run the fastest in Japan shortly.

In this work, the character draft is in charge of “Warlords of Sigriva” / “ViVid Strike! ] / “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid” and other character drafts by Takuya Fujima.
In addition, “SUPER FORMULA,” the highest peak formula race in Japan, has become an animation production cooperation and collaboration partner. The partnership will be announced at SUPER FORMULA Round 6 Fuji Speedway on Saturday, July 16th.

Rindou Rin, the heroine’s girl, has been thrown into the world of the next-generation race, “NEX Race,” which makes full use of the latest technology and runs at the fastest speed of over 500km / h. What kind of drama will be drawn in front of her who reaches for her victory straight?

This time, the character visual of Rin Rondo, the main character, has already been released.
Rin once dreamed of being a ballet dancer, but she was frustrated by a breakdown. She aims to be the highest Etoile on the circuit in the “NEX Race.”

She also opened her official teaser site. In addition, three people who answered the questionnaire will be given a colored paper signed by Takuya Fujima, the original character draft.

Stay tuned for the follow-up to this work!

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