Favorite original anime ranking No. 1 has been decided! Who took first place over ‘Zombie Land Saga’?

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From April 20, 2021, to May 3, 2021, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “What do you like most about MAPPA ‘s original animation?”

In this survey, we received a total of 3885 votes. Thank you for all your votes! The movie ” This corner of the world ” was established production in the machine, and now ” magic around the war ” and such engaged in a “giant The Final Season of march,” now the most attention is gathered animation studio one “MAPPA.” In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the establishment, at the event “MAPPA STAGE 2021 -10th Anniversary-” held on June 27, 2021, the topical work “Chainsaw Man” based on Tatsuki Fujimoto and the first MAPPA directed by Mari Okada The teaser PV of various positions such as the original theater work “Alice and There’s Illusion Factory” was also released, and it was a big hit. Which of the original animations produced by MAPPA (as of April 2021) was the most popular? Let’s see the ranking results! (Survey period: April 20 to May 3, 2021, valid responses: 3885 votes, question: What do you like most about MAPPA’s original animation?)

  1. Zombie Land Saga

“Zombie Land Saga” is ranked in 2nd place. The number of votes was 411, and the turnout was 10.6%. A work that attracted a lot of attention due to the novelty that girls who lived in various times revived as zombies and engaged in activities as idols to liven up Saga Prefecture. The second term, “Zombie Land Saga Revenge,” which has been on air since April, is also popular. In the comment section, “Love for Saga Prefecture and the novelty of zombies doing idols vote for Zombie Land Saga” “Horror, comedy, idol or crying, unprecedented work that is too chaotic to understand,” the only one The voices of people who were addicted to the second attraction were received.

  1. Yuri !!! on ICE

And the first place was “Yuri !!! on ICE”. The number of votes received was 3035, and the voter turnout was 78.1%, which was close to 80% of the total. The world of figure skating is beautifully and realistically depicted, and the anguish of the players and the subtleties of their hearts are delicately expressed. Also, in this work, the music and choreography during the game were created from scratch, and the response from not only anime fans but also actual professional players was great. In the comment section, we received hot comments such as “The program, music, and costumes were originally made, and everything was wonderful” and “The intense 24 minutes each week was a significant time.”

I’m looking forward to the movie version that is currently in production.

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