The stage ‘Odd Taxi Diamond is not damaged’ opens!!

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The stage play “Odd Taxi Diamonds Don’t Hurt” opens on January 25 at Otemachi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo. On the same day, a public rehearsal was held before the performance, and Yui Oguri (AKB48), Hiyori Hamagishi (Hinatazaka46), and Hitomi Suzuki (≠ME) attended the interview.

The stage play “Odd Taxi Diamond is not hurt” is a work that depicts the day before the formation of the idol group Mystery Kiss, which appears in the play. Yui Oguri will play Rui Nikaido, the center with overwhelming cuteness and unfathomable ambition that everyone recognizes. Hiyori Hamagishi, as Sakura Wadagaki, the critical person in the story, is honest about her desires and has an innocent personality.

Hitomi Suzuki is Shiho Ichimura, who has no self-confidence and is modest. Nonoka Yamaguchi plays the naturally talented Yuki Mitsuya. In addition, a doctor diagnosed Yamaguchi with “acute vocal cord inflammation,” so she will appear as a substitute for voice only.

The story begins on a particular day in 2019, somewhere in Tokyo. An audition was held to recruit members for a new idol group, and among the many girls, Rui Nikaido, Shiho Ichimura, and Yuki Mitsuya were selected.

The group name was decided to be “Mystery Kiss,” and the three people with their dreams aimed for their debut and spent their days in lessons. However, the famous producer supposed to provide the music was always unmotivated, and the disturbing SNS secret dirt began to spit out information that only each knew. Although they should be friends with the same goal of “aiming for a debut,” dissonance reverberates in their relationship little by little. Another girl was staring at them. Wadagaki Sakura failed the audition. She also had a dream that she could not give up.

After the general pro, Yui Oguri, Hiyori Hamagishi, and Hitomi Suzuki responded to the box coverage. Oguri said, “Rui Nikaido is a girl who wants to be an idol, but she is cool and severe and keeps people away from her.

There are some weak points, but this stage is mainly Mystery Kiss, so I think it’s a stage filled with Nikaido’s cuteness.” they said. He added, “I’ve done stage performances within the group, such as ‘Majimuri Gakuen’ before, but this is the first time I’ve performed outside the group. I got along well with everyone, and it’s become a big stage for Nikaido and me.”

Hiyori Hamagishi said, “(Wadagaki) Sakura-chan is a girl who always gets what she wants, and she likes fried chicken. So, I’m thrilled to be able to welcome the first day today, “he explained the character and his current feelings. Hitomi Suzuki said, “Shiho Ichimura is a child who says ‘Yaba!’ very much, but I feel that I have more opportunities to say ‘Yaba!’ Oguri said, “Even in private, Ichimura-chan is still Ichimura-chan.” The co-stars get along very well, and Suzuki shows off the exchange just before, “Actually, before the general pro, I asked Oguri-san to hit me on the back.”

This stage was initially scheduled to be performed in July 2022, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus, and after half a year, the long-awaited performance was realized. Oguri said, “Last time, we had come to the point where we were saying, ‘We can do the actual production!’ Originally, we were able to make a comeback. When it was decided that we couldn’t hold the event, we all sent messages to each other saying, ‘Let’s pray for the comeback.'” Suzuki also said, “Since it was decided that I would appear on this stage last year, the fans have been looking forward to it. I want to do my best to deliver it,” he said enthusiastically.

Hamagishi said, “I was disappointed when it was canceled,” but he said, “On the contrary, there were parts that I thought were good.” The Osaka performance has been decided, and I have more time to spend with my co-stars.”

In the end, Oguri spoke as a representative, saying, “The stage’ Odd Taxi Diamonds won’t hurt.’ We are all working together to create this stage. We also sell tickets on the day and streaming tickets, so I hope you can see them. I hope you can see it. I’ll deliver it!”

The stage play “Odd Taxi Diamonds Don’t Hurt” will run from January 25 (Wednesday) to 31st (Tuesday) at Otemachi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo. It will also be performed at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall in Osaka on February 4 (Sat) and 5th (Sun).

The first-day performance of the Tokyo performance and the Chikuraku performance can also be viewed via distribution. Blu-ray & DVD will be released on June 14 (Wednesday), and pre-orders have started on January 25 (Wednesday).

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