I am shocked by the unusual development of the anime “Anpanman”! “Crying” voice

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Everyone, the anime “Soreike! Do you know the hot episode of Anpanman? I usually have a conflict with Anpanman, but rare occasions depict the two fighting scenes and cooperating.

For example, in the episode “Anpanman Tobu Rocking Horse,” the “Tobu Rocking Horse” on which Dokin-chan was riding went out of control. Baikinman immediately tries to get on the Baikin UFO and help, but the UFO is wrecked while chasing. In addition, Anpanman, who helped him, got his face wet and couldn’t move.

Baikinman took action here. He hurried to Uncle Jam and tried to revive Anpanman, saying, “Anpanman fell into the water and was ruined.” “Give me a new face. I’ll deliver it to Anpanman.” To do. Thanks to that, Anpanman got a new face, put Baikinman on his back, and went to Dokin-chan. Many would have been shocked by the unusual development of Baikinman helping Anpanman.

Also, “Anpanman and Itainoton Dekedake” is an episode that depicts the unexpected side of Baikinman. In the same story, Anpanman was forced to choose between taking the Itainotondekedake necessary to help everyone who became food poisoning and helping the drowned Baikinman. After thinking about it, Anpanman helped me a lot.

After that, Baikinman made a fool of Anpanman at the beginning, saying, “You are friendly. The important Itainotondekedake is annihilated because you helped me.” “It’s a good place to be stupid.” To help me, you have to do something extra. ” Instead of Anpanman, who is tired and fainted, Baikinman goes looking for Itainotondekedake.

And after a while, Anpanman woke up, and Baikinman left it on the side. Viewers who watched the episode at that time said, “I cried for the kindness of Baikinman” and “I was touched by Anpanman’s sense of justice, which is not poetic justice.”

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