The second part of the anime, ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Phase 2,’ is about to be broadcast!

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Finally, from July 6th, the second part of the anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Phase 2” will start. Since the storm dragon Verdola was revived at the end of the first part of the second phase, unexpected developments should be unfolded in the future. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce characters that will be significantly involved in future stories. If you are looking forward to the broadcast, please read it as a review, and if you are going to watch it from the first period, please read it as preparation.

Do you overwhelm Limuru? Three of the most robust class in the work

In the world of “Turn Sla,” there are multiple high-ranking demons called Demon Kings who control the monsters. In the first part of the second phase of the anime, Limuru Tempest, the main character, finally became the Demon King from Slime’s weakest monster. The unique skill “H-Armono” has evolved into the ultimate skill “Rafael,” and it seems that he has acquired almost invincible strength by developing some other top skills. .. However, in the world of “Tsuru Sura,” characters with the same ability as Limuru will appear.

The first characters to pay attention to are the Demon King Mirim, the Storm Dragon Verdola, and the original Devil Diablo. Of these three, from the first part of the first and second periods, it can be inferred that Mirim and Verdola are superior to Limuru. Perhaps Mirim and Verdola are the most notable characters competing for 1st and 2nd place in the film. It is presumed that it will have a significant influence on the future story.

And what about Diablo, the primordial demon? He showed an overwhelming presence in the 24th episode (Gaiden) of the first animation period, and he is said to be an extraordinary existence with only “seven pillars” in the world. At first glance, it seems that the power is lower than that of Limuru because he was given the name of Diablo under the control of Limuru in the first part of the second term. However, the potential of Diablo is still unknown. Or it may be much more robust than Limuru.

What is the power of the Demon King, Carillon, and Clayman?

Let’s consider Carillon and Clayman, who have appeared so far among those who are called Demon Kings like Limuru. Karion is a new generation of Demon King who was born 500 years ago. He is the Beastmaster who governs the beast kingdom of Eurazania and has an inviolable agreement with the federal state of Jura Tempest in Limuru. In the first part of the second phase, Clayman’s strategy is hostile to Mirim. Mirim defeated Karion. Although he was sneaked on the way, I wondered if he was demonstrating all his abilities.

Next, Clayman is a type of demon king who lurks in the shadows over plots such as manipulating Mirim. In the second part of the second term, it may collide with Limuru, so I would like to expect what kind of battle will be fought. By the way, Clayman is also a new generation demon king born 400 years ago.

Those summoned from another world.

The last are characters summoned from another world. Among them, Hinata Sakaguchi and Yuuki Kagurazaka, who are Shizu students, are considered quite powerful. Hinata is the lead knight of the Imperial Guard Division under the direct control of the Holy Holy Emperor, Luberios, and the head of the Holy Knights of the Western Orthodox Church. He was fighting one-on-one with Limuru, and the victory or defeat was Hinata’s overwhelming victory. However, before Limuru became the Demon King and there was a barrier to limit Limuru’s ability in advance, this victory or defeat does not seem to indicate a pure difference in power between the two. In terms of simple “strength,” is Limuru, who is now the Demon King, better? Keep an eye on Hinata’s movements.

On the other hand, Yuuki’s ability is entirely unknown. He is the Grand Master of the Freedom Union (Guild), a mutual aid society for adventurers in the Kingdom of Inglacia. Still, he is wondering how he will be involved in the story in the future. Currently, Limuru is dealing with other demon kings and nations, so it seems that it will appear a little earlier, but since it is a summoner from another world important in this work, there is a place to play an active part somewhere. Isn’t it?

One of the attractions of the “different world thing” work is the overwhelming strength of the main character. As the story progresses, Limuru becomes more vital, and many fans are looking forward to confronting the mighty enemies. In addition, “Tsuru Sura” is a point that you can not miss the exciting development that the number of solid allies against Limuru will increase. Which character will Limuru fight and become a companion in the second part of the second term? I want to pay attention.

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