I was speaking of the baseball manga ‘the strongest high school in history’ following the opening of the summer Koshien ‘Dokaben.’

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From August 10th, “Summer Koshien” will open for the first time in two years. Due to the current corona disaster, it is an unusual event that only school officials can enter. Still, a 17-day hot battle will be held at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium, a sacred place for high school baseball children.

Speaking of summer Koshien, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the “maximum goal” for manga based on high school baseball. Therefore, this time, I researched “the strongest high school where the main character was” in the manga depicting many high school baseball games. A questionnaire survey was conducted on 300 male fans in their 30s and 40s. (Cooperation with the questionnaire site “Voice Note”)

The overwhelmingly strong school where later significant players were also enrolled

First of all, “Kaido Gakuen High School” that appears in “MAJOR” (Shogakukan) by Takuya Mitsuda was supported by third place (12.3%). At a prestigious school where the main character, Goro Shigeno, was enrolled until the summer of his second year of high school, he has won the Koshien three times in a row. Kaido is a Koshien championship regular school where excellent children from all over the country gather. Although Goro transferred to another school, the batteries of the big ace Ken Meimura and the catcher Toshiya Sato who challenged the majors later, are super high school classes.

In addition, many beautiful players would-be professionals, including Kusano, Yakushiji, and Akutsu. From those who think that Kaido is the strongest, “The overwhelming presence of Meimura” (37 years old, male), “As a modern baseball team, not only individual abilities but also practice contents were based on scientific grounds. “(39 years old, male),” Because we have produced multiple major leaguers “(39 years old, male), etc. were cited as reasons.

Koshien, the miracle of the first appearance and the first victory!
Next, ” Meisei Gakuen,” which appears in Mitsuru Adachi’s “Touch” (Shogakukan), was selected as the second place (13.3%), slightly surpassing Kaido of “MAJOR.”

The brothers Tatsuya Uesugi and Kazuya are enrolled and have achieved their first appearance and first victory in Koshien. After the death of Kazuya Uesugi, his older brother Tatsuya suddenly became the ace of the Meisei baseball club. Still, he hadn’t had much baseball experience, such as joining the boxing club at the beginning of high school when he returned home to junior high school. Despite this, he had an exceptional talent, such as hunting down the winning candidate, Seinan High School, immediately after joining the club, using his fastball as a weapon. In the anime TV special “Miss Lonely Yesterday, you are.”, it is depicted that Tatsuya’s straight recorded 152 kg at the summer Koshien, which won his first victory.

It looks like an absolute ace Tatsuya’s one-person team, but Kotaro Matsudaira, who plays the role of a wife who hits a dynamic home run at a critical point, was also a significant presence. From those who chose this Meisei Gakuen, “I felt the infinite possibilities of Tatsuya Uesugi” (38 years old, male), “I won the Koshien championship by relying on one ace. It is amazing considering the player group” (46 years old, male) ), “Besides the technical strength, the ties between human relationships are strong, so it seems that we can exert our strength at this moment” (44 years old, male). By the way, the baseball manga “MIX” (Shogakukan), which Mr. Adachi is currently serializing, is also set in Meisei Gakuen, which is several decades after “Touch.”

The strongest team with individuality

And the overwhelming first place (31%) was supported by Shinji Mizushima’s “Dokaben” (Akita Shoten), “Meikun High School.” The hero, Taro Yamada, Masami Iwaki, Kazuto Toma, and Satoshi Satanaka, the fantastic first graders, suddenly gained regularity. Akinori, the Yamada generation, is called the “Koshien Team” and has participated in all five Koshien games. Four of them boasted a tremendous strength of winning.

“Meikun Shitenno” is a combination of Yamada, a regular catcher with an intense shoulder bang, a non-standard slugger Iwaoni who loves foul balls, a lord horse with a secret hit, and a light defense, and a small submarine, Satonaka, who boasts a seven-colored changing ball. However, the smile Santaro who transferred to Meiku from the middle is also more than enough talent. He has been a home run king for the second year in a row after joining the Giants as a pro.

The true strength of Meiku is that it is not just a one-man team of the main character, Yamada. Third baseman Iwaoni is also active as a fastball pitcher. Smile is a versatile player who can protect the catcher who is in the original position and the infield and outfield. From those who chose Meikun High School as the strongest team, “There are excellent players such as Yamada, Iwaoni, Toma, etc. at the” superhuman “level” (43 years old, male), “I participated in Koshien five times in a row. , Of which, winning four times is too strong “(44 years old, male),” Because the rival school is amazing, but I have overwhelmed it “(47 years old, male),” A high school team with a lot of strong characters I don’t think there is any.” (38 years old, male).

The high schools in the top three this time were all selected from famous animated works. If you expand to the top 10 results, it also includes the main characters of baseball manga that everyone in the know knows, so if you are interested, please pay attention to the “ranking of 4th or lower”.

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