‘Summer Time Render’ OP is Macaroni Empitsu! Teaser video lifted

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The 1st opening theme of the anime, “Summer Time Render,” which will be broadcast on TV from April 14, 2022, has been unveiled. In addition, the teaser video has been lifted.

“Summer Time Render” (Original: Yasuki Tanaka / Shueisha Jump Comics), which was serialized in “Shonen Jump +” and boasted a cumulative total of 130 million PV. On February 1, 2021, along with the final episode distribution of the original manga, “decision to animate” and “planning to make a live-action film” were announced, and it became a trend on Twitter, which is big mainly on WEB and SNS. It became a hot topic.

This time, the 1st opening theme information of the TV anime “Summer Time Render” has been unveiled!

The opening theme for the first course is the next-generation rock band Macaroni Empitsu, whose members are all from Kunitachi College of Music. The newly written new song “Stars Swim” colors this work.

In addition, artist comments have arrived from Hattori, the Vo. & GT. Of Macaroni Empitsu! “I made the theme song [Swim the Stars] with the image of the fate of summer frustration and the fate of fireworks,” expressing enthusiasm.

In addition, the “1st Opening Theme Special Report” using the latest animation images has also been released. In this special report, the chorus part of the song is used so that you can listen to the new music as soon as possible.

Attention is paid to the particular news video where you can hear the refreshing singing voice that matches the world view of the work, along with the appearance of Shinpei, Tide, and Mio drawn in the central part of the animation.

In addition, it has been announced that this song will be digitally released at 0:00 on April 15, 2022, and you can enjoy the full version at the same time as the first episode TV broadcast of this work starts.

The TV anime “Summer Time Render” is accelerating toward broadcasting. Keep an eye on future information lifting!

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