Movie mobilization ranking: ‘SING’ V3, ‘Morbius’ in 4th place, ‘East and West Johnny’s Jr.’ in 9th place for the first time

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According to a survey by the box office news agency, the latest national movie mobilization ranking top 10 (April 2nd and 3rd) was announced, and “SING / Sing: Next Stage” mobilized 192,000 people and box office revenue of 200 million in two days on Saturday and Sunday. He raised 53 million yen and became the leader for three consecutive weeks. The cumulative total has mobilized 1.69 million people and has exceeded 2.1 billion yen in revenue.

“Movie Osomatsu-san”, which first appeared in 2nd place last week, keeps 2nd place. It mobilized 144,000 people and earned 213 million yen on Saturday and Sunday for two days. Cumulatively, the number of people who rallied was 750,000, and the revenue exceeded 1 billion yen.

“Doraemon Nobita’s Space War 2021”, which is the 5th week since its release, mobilized 120,000 people, earned 149 million yen in 2 days on Saturday and Sunday, and remained in 3rd place. The cumulative total has mobilized 1.78 million people and exceeded 2.1 billion yen in revenue. The results for 1st to 3rd place are the same as last week.

The new work “Morbius” mobilized 101,000 people in two days on Saturday and Sunday and raised a profit of 161 million yen. Cumulatively for three days from the first day, it got off to a good start with mobilizing 166,000 people and a gain of 243 million yen. Dark action played by Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto, known for his thorough role-making, about Vilan Morbius, depicted as Spider-Man’s nemesis in Marvel Comics. Co-starring Matt Smith, Adria Arjona and others. Directed by Daniel Espinosa in “Life” and “Child 44 Children Disappeared in the Forest”.

In addition, in the new work, “East and West Johnny’s Jr. Our Survival Wars” first appeared in 9th place. A completely original story youth adventure starring the famous East and West Johnny’s Jr. groups “Shonen Ninja” and “Lil Kansai” for the first time in the movie. Kentaro Yuuko, who has worked on many popular dramas such as “Downtown Rocket” and “Naoki Hanzawa”, is in charge of the script. “L DK Under one roof, there are two” skies “. “Ai Uta: My Promise Nakuhito” is directed by Taisuke Kawamura.

The movie version of the TV anime “Odd Taxi” and “Movie Odd Taxi in the Woods” first appeared.

Among the existing works, “Drive My Car”, which won the International Feature Film Award for the first time in 13 years in Japanese movies at the “94th Academy Awards”, has risen to 6th place. The cumulative total of mobilization exceeded 800,000, and the revenue exceeded 1 billion yen. The 7th place, “Theatrical Version Magical Round 0”, has mobilized 9.5 million people and exceeded 13.32 billion yen in revenue. It is approaching “Ana and the Snow Queen 2”, the 18th highest income in history, with a final revenue of 13.37 billion yen. The 8th place, “THE BATMAN, ” mobilized 700,000 people and exceeded 1 billion yen in revenue.

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