Movies Kurayukaba’ and ‘Cramer Kagari’ will be released in April next year. The Cast Announced

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It has been decided that the animated films “Kurayukaba” and “Kuramer Kagari” will be released simultaneously at theaters nationwide starting April 12, 2024.

Kurayukaba” has a Taisho Roman style atmosphere in which detective Shotaro pursues the mystery of a mass disappearance and enters the underground world called “Kuragari.” Mystery entertainment featuring powerful gadgets.

The main character, Shotaro, will be played by Hakuzan Kanda, the sixth-generation director. In addition, a group of gorgeous voice actors, including Tomoyo Kurosawa and Yu Serizawa, will also be participating.

“Kuramer Kagari” is a movie produced based on a scenario written by Ryogo Narita as a spin-off novel of “Kurayukaba”. Set in Hakoniwa, a coal mining town filled with unique characters, this thrilling story centers around Kagari, a girl who runs a map shop that maps the city, which changes like a labyrinth every day. Entertainment. The main character, Kagari, is played by Ayane Sakura.

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