Intense heat titles one after another! ‘Boss Baby Family Mission’ and other hottest animated winter vacation movies featured

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Speaking of the winter of 2020, the enthusiasm of “Theatrical Version” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Infinite Train Edition,” which became a huge hit that rewrote the history of the movie, is a new place in everyone’s memory. It became bright news that blew away the heavy air of the long-lasting corona and caused a social phenomenon, but in the winter of 2021, animated movies that can enjoy the excitement and excitement as good as they are released one after another! Now is the time to introduce a luxurious lineup that guarantees a memorable movie experience with family and friends!

“House full of Mirabel and magic” (open to the public)

The new musical movie of Disney Animation, the 60th feature film to commemorate for the first time in four years, features a super-ordinary girl who did not have any extraordinary power! While boasting a high degree of perfection as a royal road musical, it is a charming one that gives off a strong message, fascinated by a unique heroine that is a bit different from the Disney Princess so far!

With the rock-solid lineup of “Zootopia” directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, and the music handled by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has won numerous Tony Awards and Grammy Awards, comfortable music, and colors. Rich visuals, story development with a bold message, and overwhelming performances of life-sized heroines and other characters, and a masterpiece with all of them have already received a great response!

“Theatrical version Jujutsu Kaisen 0” released on December 24th (Friday)

“Jujutsu Kaisen,” which has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2018 and has become a hot topic in the anime series broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting from 2020, is finally expanding on the screen! Set in modern society, it depicts the battle of young “witch doctors” who manipulate the “magical power” born from the negative emotions of human beings, and the human pattern of unique characters also gains popularity.

In this theatrical version, “Tokyo Metropolitan College of Arts and Sciences” drawn by the original author Gege Akutami as a short-term intensive serialization, which is the origin of Jujutsu Kaisen, is highly supported by fans as “Volume 0”. The expectation is rising as the “story of love and curse” to be obtained is drawn. Gorgeous casts such as Megumi Ogata and Kana Hanazawa will participate in CV., And it will be one that will make this winter vacation lively!

“Boss Baby Family Mission” was released on December 17th (Friday)

It looks like a baby and the contents are an old man! ?? With the catchy character setting and the cute and too attractive gap, it attracted the world and recorded a big hit with box office revenue of over 3.4 billion yen in Japan, the No. 1 “Boss Baby” in the history of DreamWorks Animation in Japan. The long-awaited latest work is finally released! The heart-filled Boss Baby (Muro Tsuyoshi) and his brother Tim (Kyoko Yoshine / Mamoru Miyano)’s brotherly love, which is full of comedy but warms the heart at the end, is drawn in a breathtaking humorous development. , Children, as well as adults, will be impressed with the finish.

The stage is the world 25 years after that. Boss Baby and his brother Tim (Mamoru Miyano) are genuine older men… However, Tim’s second daughter is in front of them as Boss Lady (Mikako Tabe). Appearing and a new mission! Boss Baby and Tim return to their baby’s appearance with Super Milk and confront the most significant mission ever to prevent the evil genius Dr. from conquering the world! Can the two fight even as adults regain their brotherhood and save the world?

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