‘Under Ninja’ Chika Anzai, Cho, and an additional cast announced!

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Four additional cast members have been announced for the TV anime “Under Ninja,” to be broadcast in October 2023.

“Under Ninja” (Kodansha/Young Magazine) is a popular manga by Kengo Hanazawa, known for “I Am A Hero.” In a world where ninjas, which are said to have disappeared after the war, still exist secretly and work behind the scenes in modern times, this is the story of Kuro Kumogakure, a low-level ninja who lives like a NEET, throwing himself into serious “ninja duties.” is.

The additional cast announced this time includes Chika Anzai as Kawato, a resident of the same apartment as the main character, Kuro Kumogakure, Cho as Ohno, Shuichi Uchida as Eita, a high school student who lives in Kuro’s neighborhood, and Eita’s childhood friend.・Aozora Tokui will play the role of Noguchi.

Chika Anzai, who plays the role of Kawato, said, “Thanks to the unique tempo and atmosphere, it’s a work that accepts scenes with tension in many ways… When I read the original, I was just at the mercy of its fun. I’m thrilled to be involved in the animation as Kawato, and I’m looking forward to watching [Under Ninja] with movement and sound as a viewer!!”

Stay tuned for the follow-up to the TV anime “Under Ninja,” which will air in October 2023!

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