Rino Sashihara Virtual idol excavation jointly with China’s ‘Birribiri Video.’

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Talent Rino Sashihara (29) discovers a virtual idol. Sony Music and the Chinese version of Nico Nico Douga are jointly auditioning for a virtual idol group. Sashihara is involved in the selection of members as the creative director.

A virtual idol is a character based on animation or CG and changes facial expressions and dances according to the voice and song of the performer. The audition selects the performers, entitled “Virtual Cinderella Project,” and recruitment starts from the 15th. Members will be selected by March next year based on their talk sense and singing ability, and they will be active for one year only. Sashihara also writes lyrics and comprehensive new songs for the group throughout the year.

A project originated from the fact that Japanese virtual idols are beginning to gain popularity in China. Since the group will be active in Japan and China, the theBirribiri video side offered it to Sashihara, popular in China, as the “face” of the project. After many twists and turns, Sashihara was favored as a “Cinderella Story” in China after struggling to become a top idol. I thought it would be a hot topic. “

It has already been decided that the famous virtual idols in China, Mea Kagura, Serena Hanazono, and Erio Hiseki, will join the group. Sashihara “met for the first time” through his smartphone and vowed to succeed in the project. She is enthusiastic, “We will create a virtual idol group aiming for global success centered on Japan and China.”

The new group has regular Birribiri videos and appearances in large concerts in China. Sashihara says, “I would be happy if you could help me to become a Cinderella.”

“For women over 16 years old” The audition is for women over 16 years old living in Japan. After selecting documents, interviews, etc., 2D and 3D characters will be produced for the selected members. The exclusive contract as a virtual idol will be Sony Music. Recruitment is from 15th to 17th January next year.

◇ Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku, a beautiful girl character who appeared in 2007, is a pioneer. We hold solo live concerts by 3DCG. In December 2016, Kizuna AI, the world’s first V-tuber, appeared and ignited the boom. Stardust Promotion, an entertainment professional who has entered the V-tuber business, has formed a four-person group, “V4LASH,” as the first step.

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