Introducing Mr. Nismogo, who is popular in large-scale animation projects

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Nismogo “Gaz” started his career in 2021. In less than two years as an animator in Japan, such as BORUTO, King Ranking, Faraway Paladin, Assault Lily, Yashahime: Princess Half-Young, Digimon Ghost Game, etc. Has been involved in the production of significant animations for.

In an exclusive interview with Arab News Japan, Nismogo talked about his inspiration for anime and manga: “In terms of inspiration, the first thing I touched on anime, in general, was the anime frame” Toonami, “which was broadcast on Cartoon Network at night. That channel is now the modern-day anime. I touched on a lot of works called “Classic.” Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Eureka Seven, Soul Eater, and many Ghibli movies. As for manga, every time I had a chance (almost every day), I picked up Weekly Shonen Jump at my local library. One of the first manga I touched on was “Shaman King.” “

“If you are asked to choose one of your favorite animations, it’s a story series. It’s a rare work that makes you sympathize with the unique production, overall story, and animation quality personally. I feel like I can learn something from any of the spirits, and looking back at the episodes is always inspiring. “

Favorite animators who influenced him include Chuya Onsen, Ken Yamamoto, Seigo Yamashita, and Itsuki Dogami.

Nismogo said, “I think I started working on anime personally around June 2020. I did some trace learning to learn the program I was using (Clip Studio Paint EX), and when I got used to it, I got more. I started moving towards a unique anime, but I wasn’t very good at it. I continued practicing that year. “

“Animation is the only thing that can express creativity to me. It can bring a picture to life and make it more than a previous picture, from a still image to a scene or life. I feel that it is a great power to create. Countless images that flow without interruption. It feels like big puzzles are being assembled little by little, and beautiful things are being made. “

The first anime he was involved with was Atelier Gokujou’s “Daicon Fantasy” in the fall of 2020. Here he learned what it takes to work in the anime industry.

“He is still a great mentor who can give me advice when something goes wrong. I am very grateful,” said Nismogo.

“Since then, I have been working on animation, and in February 2021, I had the opportunity to be involved in animation production for the first time. I was asked to take charge of the original drawing for the” King Ranking “production that ended the other day.” rice field.

Regarding plans, Nismogo has been working reasonably stably with Studio Shaft, working on “a long-awaited blockbuster, the newly announced animated version of’RWBY’that Studio Shaft is in charge of.” He said he had the opportunity. “Please take a look and enjoy this masterpiece. There are many talented artists involved in this work. I am very grateful to be able to learn and work with them,” he said. .. He was also involved in “Magia Record.”

Nismogo praises the overall Japanese attitude towards work and constantly strives to be more dedicated, passionate, and diligent.

He recommended that anyone who wants to work in the anime industry understand, accept, and implement this attitude to build a long and prosperous career.

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