Furano City Council Approves Production Costs of Anime ‘Yakami-chan’

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The general account settlement, including the production consignment fee, which the city council committee disapproved, was on the 30th regarding the animation “Yakami-chan Dropkick X,” produced by Furano City in Hokkaido using the hometown tax donation. The city council plenary session approved it.

The anime is about 24 minutes long, and the main character is “Yakami-chan,” a half-human, half-snake devil. It includes content about enjoying Furano’s tourist spots and specialties, and similar works are done in other areas of Hokkaido.

In the Furano edition, there is a depiction of Jajin-chan, who is burdened with a large amount of debt and decides to “sell his organs and pay it back.” Some members criticized this at a special committee meeting on the 15th, saying it would “degrade the image of Furano.”

The general account settlement for fiscal 2021, including the production commission fee of 33 million yen, was disapproved. On the other hand, at the plenary session held on the 30th, the number of approvals and non-approvals was the same, 8 to 8, but the chairman’s decision approved it.

During the debate before the vote, a legislature member who favored the bill said, “Even with the narrative of organ trafficking, the conclusion is that the debt will eventually be repaid over a long period. Many famous places and local products will be introduced, which will help attract more visitors.” Claimed.

An opposition lawmaker argued, “As a city, we need to be extremely careful with our representation. It will damage the image of Furano, which we have built up with our citizens.” (Kazuya Miki)

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