Is it too exposed? Consideration of ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ advertisement Topic: Hide the chest with ‘mystery effect’ for female characters

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Part of the advertisement for the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Yukaku Hen, which appeared at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, is attracting attention online.

It has been pointed out that graphic effects are arranged to “hide” the chests of highly exposed female characters.

“This kind of consideration is just right.”

The advertisement is posted on the pedestrian-only underground passage “Metro Promenade” at Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station.

There are several patterns, but the one that is attracting attention is a massive poster using the standing picture of the character drawn by the animation studio “ufotable”. The main characters are lined up.

Among them, the female character “Kamado Nezuko” wears a kimono with an open chest, and “Daki” wears swimsuit-like clothes with a small cloth area, both of which have skin. The exposure is intense.

The same costumes are worn in the anime, but in the poster, the golden running water pattern, which is also used for the background, is arranged to match the chest and shorts of the two people. Part of the skin’s exposure is hidden as if layered from above.

The tweets of general users who pointed out this were spread, and the interest in this expression increased among fans. On Twitter, there are voices such as “You hid it well,” “It’s a public place, and this kind of consideration is just right.” “Mystery effect is real grass.”

What if there was no figure?
In charge of Tokyo Metro-related advertising company Metro Ad Agency (Minato-ku, Tokyo) told J-CAST News on the 4th about the advertisement posted on “Metro Promenade”.

“Because advertisements will be posted in public places, we will usually conduct examinations following our advertising examination standards.”

And said, regarding this “Kimetsu no Yaiba” advertisement, I asked if it was possible to post it if figures did not hide the female character’s chest and shorts.

“According to our examination criteria, we will consult with you about corrections, etc,”
I answered.

We also interviewed the advertiser Aniplex about the intention of creating the advertisement and the reason for the effect of the exposed part, but there was no answer.

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