Anime ‘SPY x FAMILY,’ 2 types of teaser visuals released

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The manga “SPY x FAMILY” (written by Tatsuya Endo) is a work centered on the main character of the spy serialized in “Shonen Jump +” and his family.

The number of books and e-books has exceeded 30 million copies, and the second season of TV animation will be broadcast in October 2022.

The second season’s production has already been decided during the first broadcast, and it has been announced that it will be broadcast in 2023, and the movie’s production in 2023 has also been decided.

The released visuals are a cool ver. It depicts the backside of Lloyd & Yoru and a comical ver. that gives a glimpse of the peaceful daily life of the Forger family, both drawn by character designer Kazuaki Shimada. It has become.

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