Is this the entrance to the fantasy world?

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The dense greenery, the water surface reflecting the trees’ deep foliage, the small waterfall that the clear stream weaves at the end of the dark cave, and the pictures with a slightly fantastic atmosphere seem to invite the viewer to fantasy and adventure stories.

“Pom no Ao.” Continues to take pictures with the motifs of nature such as sky, water, and forest, such as “early summer sky,” “dusk sky,” and “pond that reflects the forest.” There are many pictures with an impressive “blue” color in the account name. As the title suggests, many followers sympathize with and praise “a scene that seems to appear in the world of animation.”

“It’s always too mysterious to go beyond anime.” “Wooow! Such a magical landscape!” “It’s okay to appear in a beautiful anime.” “Here is Japan ?? Earth ??” “Walk on this water.” “Yes,” “There seems to be something that isn’t human. Is it an enemy or an ally?” “Wow, it’s a romantic place that tickles the heart of nerds.” We interviewed the photographer, “Pom no Ao.”

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