N-Hyphen X M2 meets global fans with ‘Comeback Show’!… ‘hot expectations’

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The group ENHYPEN is preparing for a fantastic comeback show with Mnet M2.

According to Mnet’s digital studio M2, ENHYPEN COMEBACK SHOW ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1’ will be broadcast worldwide through Mnet and M2 digital channels on July 4 at 8 pm.

In this comeback show, ENHYPEN will unveil the stage of new songs for the first time, including the title song ‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’ of the 3rd mini-album ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1’. Along with this, they plan to present a variety of stages, including the performance of ‘Polaroid Love,’ which has been a hot topic worldwide.

In addition, special events visit ‘ENGENE (fandom name).’ It is a reminder that ENHYPEN has prepared new content that has not been seen before, including the appearance of ENHYPEN going on to experience extreme horror.

Producer Lim Tae-hong, who directed this comeback show following the previous comeback show, said, “This comeback show will be richer with the charm of the existing comeback show and a vivid sense of presence as ENHYPEN and fans communicate face-to-face for the first time offline. planned,” he said.

Among them, the teaser video released last week continues to attract global K-pop fans and is receiving a warm response to the comeback show.

ENHYPEN COMEBACK SHOW ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1’ will be available on Mnet and M2 digital channels at 8 pm on Monday, July 4th.

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