Who is your favorite character in ‘Log Horizon,’ which was also broadcast on NHK?

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A popular science fiction/fantasy novel, “Log Horizon,” is based on Mamare Touno. This work, known by the abbreviation of “Log Horizon,” has quickly increased its fans since the first work was posted on the novel posting site “Let’s become a novelist.” It has been made into a book, animated and social games, and is getting more and more attention.

This time, we will introduce four people from Log Horizon!

● Share
” Shiroe, “whose real name is “Shirogane Kei,” is the main character of “Log Horizon.” Takuma Terashima is the CV in the anime version. Although Shiroe has a withdrawal constitution in the real world, he makes an outstanding performance in the world of MMORPG “Elder Tale” by using the knowledge and experience of an old player. It has the nickname “belly glasses.”

● Direct succession
His real name, “Naotsugu Hasegawa,” is Shiroe’s best friend who has helped each other even in real life. Tomoaki Maeno is the CV in the anime version. At Elder Tale, he struggles as a guardian warrior by taking advantage of his large physique of over 180 cm. In the real world, the direct successor, a very ordinary member of society, has a crisp and cheerful personality, loves off-color humor, and lewd. It’s a very familiar character, but a mood maker like him is indispensable for a party.

● Akatsuki
” Akatsuki, “whose real name is “Hanekura Shizuka,” is a real girl who goes to the same university as Shiroe. In the anime version, Emiri Kato is the CV. Akatsuki, whose main occupation is “Assassin,” fights with a shinobi-like appearance and sword as a weapon. Keep an eye on Akatsuki, who has regained her original appearance by encountering Shiroe and whose relaxed behavior has changed.

● Nyanta
“Nyanta” of the cat-human race is the oldest player of Elder Tale who is called “Team Leader” or “Cat’s Retirement.” In the anime version, Joji Nakata is the CV. His fight with his main occupation as a “swashbuckler” is beautiful and even dignified.

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