‘Jujutsu’ Tamagotchi product name is a hot topic Voice actors are confused by ‘Jujutsucchi’ which is difficult to say ‘Jujutsuchu.’

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On the 5th, Bandai will collaborate with the portable training toy “Tamagotchi” series “Tamagotchi Nano Nano” and the animation “Jujutsu Kaisen” to enjoy character training in December. Announced that it will be released on the 24th. The product names that are a little difficult to say on the internet are “Absolutely chew!” It’s up.

“apprentices” through training and training based on the concept of “raise with your own hands and remove the curse!” You can enjoy the play of raising “Jujutsu Kaisen” to students and teachers of Jujutsu College.

There are five types of body colors, and the design is based on the image of each character. In addition to the 16 types of characters that can be cultivated, “Natsuyu Jie” and “Masamichi Yamo” have appeared, reproducing the famous scenes of the anime.

In addition, there is also a production where you can see “Gojo Satoru” only during training so that you can enjoy the world view of “Jujutsu Kaisen” other than the training play.

It’s hard to say, “I’m going to be jujuchuchu w,” “When ordering at the cash register, it’s a chew!”, “No, I can’t say w,” etc. Product name and opinion.

In addition, Mikako Komatsu, who plays the role of Maki Ogata in the anime, updated her Twitter account with “Juju … Jujuchucchi” and Megumi Ogata, the main character of the movie version, also played the role of Yuta Ogata. Naming that makes me cry … Even though it’s just a witch doctor! “

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