‘Kaguya-Sama’ new work, special screening decided at the theater. Before TV broadcasting, the title is ‘First kiss never ends.’

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The new title of the TV anime “Kaguya-Sama wants to tell-Genius’s love brain battle-” (Kaguya-same) has been decided as “Kaguya-Sama wants to tell-the the first kiss never ends-” ahead of the TV broadcast. A special screening at the theater has been selected. Details will be announced later.

This work is set in the Shuchiin Gakuen, where geniuses gather, and is a “brain war love comedy” that depicts the bargaining in the love affair between the vice-chairman, Shinomiya, and the chairman, Shiragin Goyuki, who met at the student organization. They should be drawn to each other, but their pride is so high that they can’t be honest, and they are drawn to thinking about “how to make them confess to the other party.”

The original was serialized in “Special Edition Miracle Jump” in 2015, transferred to “Weekly Young Jump” in 2016, and is a famous work with a cumulative total of over 18 million comics currently being serialized. The first period of TV animation will be broadcast from January to March 2019, the second period will be broadcast from April to June 2008, and the third period will be published from April to June 2010. It has also been made into a live-action movie starring Sho Hirano of the popular idol group King & Prince and W of actress Kanna Hashimoto.

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