Hotel rooms with 100 reservations within 1 hour of the reservation start. Why is it so popular? The ‘Minion’ collaboration was piercing!

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At the official hotel “Hotel Universal Port” (Konohana-Ku, Osaka) of “Universal Studios Japan,” a guest room with the motif of the anime movie “Despicable Me” will appear on July 15.

“Minion Room 3”, which will be born on the same day the hotel celebrates its 17th anniversary, is the third collaboration with “Universal Studios Japan.” The room where you can enjoy the world view with the messy but adorable minions in the play has become popular since the first guest room appeared in 2016. This time as well, about 100 reservations were made in one hour from the start of sales on June 14, and it was said that there was a response that the accommodation start date and the next day were full even on the first day alone.

In the new collaboration room, the bunk bed that imitates the roller coaster of the creature that appears in the first movie has an overwhelming presence. Another point is the TV board mimics the game “Space Killer,” where Glue got “Unicorn His Fluffy” for Agnes.

We asked the person in charge of the hotel what kind of feelings this room is full of playfulness with minions arranged everywhere in the wallpaper and bathroom.

Feel like you’re in the movie! ??
The first of the ten rooms has a uniquely relaxing crocodile sofa and a bed that makes it easy to sleep with children for families. The second of the two rooms are popular with women’s groups, with a pink bear chair of about 2m and a fun gimmick of minions. This time, the guest rooms were planned in anticipation of the use of adult groups.

When I entered the room, I was overwhelmed by the entire bed with a face.

We aimed for an impact when entering a space where you can’t experience it unless you visit this room! We hope that customers who enjoy “Universal Studios Japan” will feel the same way in the hotel, so we were conscious of a space where we could experience the movie scene as it is, rather than the existing collaboration room.

“Glue’s Mansion,” and the second is “Agnes’ Room,” so the base is a house, but this time it’s a “Memories of Amusement Park.” What were you aware of before it was realized?

Since it is a collaboration room, I decided I would like to make a breakthrough. Of course, the central premise of the hotel is that everyone can stay safely and securely, so while observing the standards of facilities and equipment, the exciting world view of the “memorial amusement park” that appears in the movie is spoiled. The challenge was to make it three-dimensional so that it would not exist.

The stuffed animals displayed on the TV board also reproduce the amusement park.

We are conscious of creating a space that even people who do not know minions and movies can enjoy, but this amusement park, “Super Series Funrunde,” is an important place in the play. There are also scenes where Gru and the three sisters (Margo, Edith, and Agnes) gradually get to know each other and get closer, so we hope that the room will be a bond for our customers.

Reservations for existing collaboration rooms are on the rise
――What kind of customers are there in the existing guest rooms?

It is an impression that families and guests who like minions can enjoy taking pictures in the hotel lobby and rooms. At the moment of this room reservation, few people have stayed in the existing collaboration room, most of whom are new to the third room.

The number of new customers is increasing.

With the birth of a new collaboration room, we are receiving reservations for the first and second rooms faster than last year. Last year, Corona refrained from going out and declared a state of emergency, but it was almost complete in the end. This year’s conditions are different, so it’s not suitable for comparison, but the pace of pre-orders is much faster than last year.

Please give a message to those who use it.

With the implementation of various tourism reconstruction measures, I feel that “going on a trip” becomes positive, and “let’s spend private time actively” and “let’s experience it now” are increasing in energy. I am glad that the hotel has made good reservations for the highly entertaining Minion Room series, “I wonder if this is a sign of that.” We hope this accommodation will be one of the trip’s destinations.

Each collaboration room has a capacity of 2 to 4 people. “Minion Room 3” starts from JPY 34,000 per person per room for two people, JPY 24000 per room per person for three people, JPY 21000 per person per room for four people (breakfast included / consumption tax/service) Fee included, accommodation tax not included). In addition, as an accommodation privilege for the minion room, one original collaboration good (laundry pouch, amenity pouch) will be presented to each person (for a fee).

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