Anime ‘Technoroid Overmind’ Teaser PV lifted

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The teaser PV of the TV anime “Technoroid Overmind” (broadcast on TV Tokyo from July) has been released.

“Technoroid” is a media mix project that links animation, games, and music, produced by Cyber Agent in collaboration with Avex Pictures and Elements Garden.

The original plan is “Uta no Prince-Sama” and “Uta no Prince-Sama” with Elements Garden Noriyasu Agematsu, who worked on the original and music production for the blockbuster anime series such as “Uta no Prince-Sama” and “Senki Zessho Symphogear”. RUCCA, the lyricist who was in charge of the lyrics for Arashi’s “Doors-Yuki no Kiseki-“, and LAM, a popular illustrator who was in charge of the character draft of “takt op.” And the CM artwork for HAL Tokyo. Is in charge of the character draft, animation production is in charge of video studios such as “NEW GAME !!” and “Plastic Memories”, and game development is in charge of Wonder Planet.

Set in Japan in the near future, which has become a floating city due to the sudden rise in temperature due to abnormal weather, androids who take labour instead of humans aim for the top of the entertainment tower “Babel” by singing and dancing. “Technoroid” depicts the world of competition. In the released anime version of the Teaser PV, “The heat of the sun melted everything and the whole world sank into the sea” from the beginning.

It makes us feel that the story of the near future after the end of the world will begin.

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