Kanako Takatsuki: ‘I can’t be a voice actor with my technique …’

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The TOKYO FM program “Kanako Takatsuki ROYAL Night” sent by voice actor Kanako Takatsuki who is aiming for a new stage as an artist. In the broadcast on Saturday, May 29, Kanako Takatsuki talked about the anime work that inspired her to become an anime song singer.

“Takatsuki Kanakoto Anime Story!” Is a project that talks about the anime that Takatsuki watched as a child. On this day, I talked about the work I was addicted to in high school as Chapter 3. When talking to anime fans of the same generation, Takatsuki says, “Which late-night anime did you see from?” Is quite on the agenda. It seems that “K-ON!” And “Macross F” were in their heyday when they started watching late-night anime, but Takatsuki’s other favorite work is “Angel Beats!”. Takatsuki: What all three works have in common is “music”, an anime whose main axis is songs. “K-ON!” Is a story about girls starting a band, and it feels like it depicts true daily life. “Macross F” has a lot of love elements, “save the world with songs” (laughs). And “Angel Beats!” Is a youth anime drama set in a school in the afterlife. It is also known that a famous artist participated as a singer of the song in the play. Takatsuki: There was a band called Girls Dead Monster in the play, and I really liked the sound of that band. And there are two vocals, one of whom is Lisa before his solo debut. I’m Mr. I’ve loved Lisa since then, and I met him (in Lisa’s song). Takatsuki said that the influence of those three works was very large. The most shocking thing was that in “K-ON!”, The voice actor in charge of the character often sings, but some characters in “Macross F” and “Angel Beats!” Play. The person and the person who sang were “separate”. Takatsuki: I used to learn to play, but from that time on, I thought that the voice actor’s play was so difficult that I couldn’t do it with my skills. That’s why I thought it was “awesome!” That I could participate in the song alone like this. From there, I thought, “I want to be an anime song singer!” Therefore, I think that all three of them have become important roots for me. Now that I’m a voice actor, I’m singing and dancing … I’m doing a lot of things (laughs). After watching late-night anime, he started recording and watching much late-night anime. Takatsuki: It’s “Aniota is there”, but if you follow all the works well, you won’t be able to make it in time, so I used “Watch at double speed” in the recorder function, and I was satisfied with watching all of them and saying “I’ve digested it for the time being!” It was like when I was in high school. There were many Gachiota who had such a view around me. Takatsuki says that high school anime “I’m watching quite a few, so I don’t know which one to talk about (laughs).” He wants to talk about individual works on the program in the future. Takatsuki: If you have an anime that you would like me to talk about, please email me. I will pick it up as much as I can, so thank you! (From TOKYO FM “ROYAL Night of Kanako Takatsuki” broadcast on Saturday, May 29, 2021).

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