The Blockbuster anime ‘Golden Kamuy’ Broadcast was postponed due to the death of the main staff Fans are saddened by the unusual announcement.

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The official Twitter for the 4th season of the blockbuster anime “Golden Kamuy, “which is being broadcast on TOKYO MX and others, was updated on the 8th and announced that the broadcast would be postponed due to

“Golden Kamuy” is based on the manga of the same name by Satoru Noda. The original serialized in “Weekly Young Jump” is a hit work that won “Manga Award 2016” and “22nd Osamu Tezuka Cultural Award Manga Award”. Survival battle manga about huge gold nuggets hidden by prisoners.

The fourth season of the TV anime started broadcasting on October 3, and the 42nd episode was just posted on the 7th of this month. However, on this day, on the official Twitter account, “[Obituary and broadcast postponement notice] One of the main staff of the fourth season of the TV anime ‘Golden Kamuy’ passed away on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

It was announced. “I would like to express my deepest condolences and pray for the repose of his soul,” he said. Regarding the 43rd episode, which was scheduled to be delivered on the 14th of this month, he said, “In response to the sudden death of the central staff who is indispensable to the production of the work, the Golden Kamuy Production Committee and Brains Base will continue to work together.

We have decided to postpone the broadcasting and distribution of episodes 43 to 49 after discussing how to deal with the broadcast. It is said that they are also discussing the release date of the fourth Blu-ray & DVD and will announce the new broadcast/distribution date and the Blu-ray & DVD release date as soon as the details are decided.

From the fans, “I pray for the repose of the soul. It’s a pity because I’m just getting into the money.” I’m messing up my head right now because of that.” “What?! What the hell is that?” “I can’t hide my surprise, but I don’t think I’ve ever responded like this because I felt the sincerity of the work when I decided to postpone the broadcast.” I am doing it,” said a mourning voice.

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