Kanichi Kurita and Keiko Toda decided on the plan for Fujiko to join the Cats 3 sisters ‘Lupin III VS Cats Eye.’

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In addition to “Lupin the Third,” where new works appear regularly, most of the TV series “Cat’s Eye,” which started in 1983, will continue with the voice actors at that time. Toda, who has played Hitomi since 2019’s “City Hunter Movie,” said, “I’m so honored to be able to fit in the angle of view with the big title “Lupin the Third.” So, we are truly grateful that even though it’s been nearly 40 years (since the end of the anime broadcast), we were able to use our original voice actor cast.”

On the other hand, Kurita said, “‘Lupin the 3rd vs. Conan’ was produced before, so I expected that there would be a confrontation with Cat’s Eye. It wouldn’t be out of place for Fujiko to be side by side with the Cat’s three sisters. I’m thinking of entering the world of ‘Anpanman’ when I come,” he said with dignity.

Director Seshita said, “The characters have strong personalities, and the voice actors are excellent, so from the beginning, I couldn’t imagine anything other than the original cast. Lupine’s presence is amazing among all the characters because it’s a character with a long tradition. I thought a new drama would be born by coupling Lupine with the youngest and freshest ‘Ai’ that will grow from now on.” “I was also thinking about a plot where Fujiko would become the fourth cat’s eye.

The three Cats sisters would give Fujiko a replacement leotard after a certain incident caused her clothes to fall apart (laughs).” also showed. In connection with the story of a collaboration between a thief and a phantom thief, the question was, “What do you want to steal the most this year?” Kurita said, “Prices are high.” Toda replied, “Freesia flowers from all over the world.”

The three members of Mori Sanchu said, “I hope that when elementary and junior high school students watch today’s stage greeting on TV or in the newspaper, they will be captivated by the thought, ‘A fat woman is working hard!’ I want to steal the hearts of former elementary and junior high school students! ” he commented, reminiscent of the famous lines of the favorite Lupine movie. Collaboration between big titles with high expectations. Kurita said meaningfully, “It’s like a good life drama, and I was surprised that my expectations were betrayed.

It might be nice to have a part 2!” I was surprised by the unexpected development of the story, and I was fascinated by the heartwarming and sexy Lupine. Please enjoy!” In addition, the original soundtrack and theme song distribution single of the same work will be distributed on the 27th.

The soundtrack contains 62 songs, including the BGM of “Lupin the Third” and “Cat’s Eye” used in the film, the opening theme newly written by fox capture plan, and the theme song “CAT’S EYE 2023” sung by Anri. was recorded.

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