Kazuyuki Okitsu, Ayumi Mano, Ki Yamane, and Minori Suzuki for ‘Sugar Apple Fairy Tail’

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Additional characters and their cast for the TV anime “Sugar Apple Fairy Tail” have been announced.

Kazuyuki Okitsu plays the role of Elliot, a silver sugar master who acts as head of the historical Paige Kobo. Ayumi Mano plays the role of Bridget, Elliott’s fiancée, the daughter of the head of the Paige Koubou, and Cassie, the carefree fairy used by Jonas. Aya Yamane, and Minori Suzuki as Benjamin, the sleepy fairy Benjamin that Cat uses. Enthusiastic comments arrived from the cast. Before broadcasting on terrestrial broadcasting, it was also revealed that d anime store and DMM TV will be delivered at the fastest speed every Friday at 22:00 from January 6, 2023.

In addition, it has been decided that the same work will collaborate with the currently airing TV anime “Because I’m a villain daughter, I tried to keep the last boss.” From December 28, limited postcards using the collaboration visuals of both works will be distributed at the target bookstores. Check the news page of Kadokawa Beans Bunko for the target bookstores.

“Sugar Apple Fairy Tale,” based on the novel by Mikawa Miri, is a fantasy centered around Ann, a girl who aims to become a first-class silver sugar master, and Shall, a warrior fairy hired by Ann as her travel escort. It will be broadcast on AT-X and others from January 6.

Comment from Kazuyuki Okitsu (role of Elliott Collins)
I will play the role of “Elliot Collins,” who is always energetic and lives purely, righteously, and beautifully! I’m doing my best as the acting factory manager! As the dubbing progresses, I am drawn to the charm of silver sugar more and more ☆ Please enjoy the story of people, fairies, and sugar candies together ☆

Comment from Ayumi Mano (Bridget Page)
Bridget is a very lonely girl who doesn’t get along well with people around her.

Viewers may think that she is troublesome. However, as she played Bridget and faced each other, she was attracted to her humanity, and I cherished her role. It is a lovely work with many attractive characters. she was looking forward to it!

Comment from Aki Yamane (role of Cassie)
I’m Aya Yamane, and I’ll be playing the role of Cathy. Cathy is a brave fairy girl who has always loved Jonas. She’s strong and competitive, which is a testament to how much she loves and supports Jonas. I will do my best so that many people will love this work with such a lovely Cathy! Thank you very much!

Comment from Minori Suzuki (role of Benjamin)
Benjamin is a very adorable character at his own pace and always seems to fall asleep. He is warmed by the kindness he sees in his conversations with Ann and Cat, and his discussion with Mithril makes him giggle. Heart pounding kyun kyun harahara……! I would be happy if Benjamin could heal you in this epic story.

TV anime “Sugar Apple Fairy Tail.”

Broadcast information

AT-X: From Friday, January 6, 2023, every Friday from 21:30
*Repeat broadcast every Tuesday from 9:30, and every Thursday from 15:30

TOKYO MX: Every week from Friday, January 6, 2023, Friday 22:30-

BS Asahi: Every Friday from January 6, 2023 (Friday) 23:30-

Sun TV: Every Friday from January 6, 2023 (Friday) 24:00-

KBS Kyoto: January 2023 From 7th (Sat) every Saturday from 23:30

Delivery information

d Anime Store, DMM TV: From January 6, 2023, every Friday from 22:00,

other sites will be distributed sequentially

Director: Yohei Suzuki
Series composition: Kiyosuke Mizukami Character
Haruko Iizuka Sub-
design: Mai
Furuki: Hitoshi Aketagawa Sound Effects: Yui Ando Sound Production: Magic Capsule Music: Hinako Tsubakiyama Music Production: Flying Dog Animation Production: JCSTAFF

Anne Halford (Yuka Nukui ) Shall
Feng Shall (Masaaki Umi) Mithril Lid Pod ( RieTakahashi) Hugh Mercury (Tomoaki Maeno )・Collins: Kazuyuki Okitsu Bridget Page: Ayumi Mano Cathy: Ki Yamane Benjamin: Minori Suzuki

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