‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ Ayane Sakura & Azumi Waki’s voice hit campaign, official LINE, also opened.

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The official LINE of the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” based on Hiroyuki’s original is opened. At the same time, a Twitter campaign was launched in which voices from two heroines were selected by lottery.

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” will start broadcasting on TBS, MBS, etc., from midnight on July 2 today. On the official LINE, not only will you receive the latest information on the work, but you will also receive replies from the heroines in the works when you send daily greetings and the lines of the main character, Naoya. Also, if you send “Shuki,” you will receive a message registered by Ayane Sakura, who plays Saki Saki. If you send ” Ganbarune, “you will receive news reported by Azumi Waki, who plays Nagisa Minase. Let’s send a word to check the content of the message.

A campaign to win a unique voice by Sakura and Waki ​​is being carried out on the official Twitter of the TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” until 23:59 on July 9. Applying for the campaign is completed by following the official Twitter account and then retweet the tweet for application. Winners will be presented with a voice that changes Naoya’s name from the lines of the main anime to the winner’s name. In addition, Blu-ray / DVD store bonus illustrations that will be released sequentially from October 6 will also be removed. Halloween, drawn by four heroine’s costumes, has been unveiled.

TV anime “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” Broadcast information TBS: Every Friday from July 2, 2021 26: 25- MBS: Every Friday from July 2, 2021 26: 25-BS-TBS : Every Friday from July 2, 2021 27: 00- AT-X: Every Wednesday from July 7, 2021 22: 30- Broadcast information ABEMA / d Anime Store / Amazon Prime Video / Netflix / Bandai Channel / Hulu / TELASA / au Smart Pass Premium / J: COM On Demand / mil plus / Hikari TV / U-NEXT / FOD / dTV / GYAO! Store / Nico Nico Live Broadcasting / MBS Video Ism / Tver / Amazon Prime Video ( Rental) / TSUTAYA TV / Video Market / RakutenTV / HAPPY! Video / Nico Nico Channel / DMM.com Video / music.jp Staff Original: Hiroyuki (serialized in Kodansha “Weekly Shonen Magazine”) Director: Satoshi Kuwahara Series composition: Keiichiro Ochi Screenplay: Keiichiro Ochi / Kazuhiko Inukai / Mayumi Morita Character Design / Overall Drawing Director: Akiko Toyoda Art Director: Masami Saito Color Design: Yumi Yutani Photo Director: Toshiya Kimura (T2 Studio) Editing: Wataru Uchida (Conquest) Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama Sound production: HALF HP STUDIO Music: Miki Sakurai / Tatsuhiko Saiki / Sayaka Aoki Music production: Nichion Music cooperation: Mirika Music Animation production: Tezuka Production □ Cast Naoya Mukai: Junya Enoki Saki Sakura: Ayane Sakura Nagisa Minase: Azumi Waki ​​Rika Hoshizaki: Ayana Takeda Shino Kiryu: Riyori Takahashi (c) Hiroyuki Kodansha / Girlfriend, Girlfriend Production Committee 2021

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