‘Tokui Aozora no Anime Hack TV’July 2 Guest is ‘When Will Ayumu Makeup’ Kanna Nakamura

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The 15th anime information program “Tokui Aozora no Anime Hack TV” will be broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of Anime Hack (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5VCESEZLrsrdXvRqEMkwOg ) from 8:00 pm on July 2.

The guest this time is Kanna Nakamura, who plays the role of Urushi Yaotome, a TV anime that will start on July 7. She talks about the charm of this work to Nakamura, who plays weak shogi but is very weak against Ayumu’s “attack.”

“Tokui Aozora no Anime Hack TV” delivers the latest anime and event information once a month for about an hour (with archive delivery after live delivery). Guest interviews are being posted in the special feature section (https://anime.eiga.com/news/column/animehacktv/).

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