‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ Yukaku Hen ‘Respect as the same man’ impressed by the ‘order of life’ of Umeda Tengen

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The 5th episode of “TV Anime” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Yukaku Hen” (Fuji TV / Every Sunday at 23:15) will be broadcast on January 2nd. The remarks that determine the “order of life” of Umeda Tengen were praised by viewers, such as “it’s too perfect” and “the interaction with the bride is too great.”

In the fifth episode, Hashibira Inosuke, who found the sign of a demon, rescues a human being taken into the “earthworm belt (name: Inosuke)” of the land and fallen princess of the first string. It was challenging to fight while protecting humans, and even if Suma helped Maki, who escaped from the obi, he was forced to be inferior. At that time, Yoshiyasu Gazuma, also released from the obi, participated in the war. Immediately after that, Umeda appears with a roaring sound.

Looking at Umeda, who smiled, “It looks fine and above all,” I remember the words that Maki was said to be “life rather than mission execution.” Umeda’s words, “I’ll protect the general public, but if you’re flashy, you’re important, so don’t die,” Umeda’s words put an order in life, but there are situations where you can’t pick up everything. It symbolizes Uzu’s realistic thinking of accepting the situation and his weaknesses and protecting his loved ones. After that, Suma tears in her eyes as she strokes her head, saying, “It’s my wife.”

Up until now, flashy words and deeds, beautifully trained figures, and comical exchanges were conspicuous, but in the fifth episode, Umeda’s “First of all three of you” and, above all, the words and deeds that try to save his wife are watched a lot. The person was struck by the heart and received a great deal of feedback, such as “This is too cool to fall in love with Umeda-san !!!!” and “Tengen-sama, who values ​​the life of his wife more than ordinary people, is too nice.” In addition, there are a few praises from the same sex, such as “Mr. Umeda, who has decided that she is a woman who is more important than her own life!” No.

According to the official fan book, Umeda’s flashy words and deeds are due to the explosion of dissatisfaction in the shadows as a shinobi. Still, it is hopeful in the play, including lines such as “The living one wins.” A calm way of thinking that does not allow observation can be seen everywhere. I decided to protect everything in “Infinite Train Edition,” and I am trying to show Kanjiro and others a different guideline from the one protected by Anjuro Purgatory (*).

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