Moe in a sailor suit! ‘Tomorrow-chan,’ ‘Haruhi,’ ‘Sailor Moon,’ Anime works in which characters wear sailor suits.

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There is “Akebi’s Sailor Clothes” in the January 2022 cool anime. A story about the main character, Tomorrow Koji, deepening friendships with her classmates at a school that admires the uniform “sailor suit.” In addition to this work, “Sailor suit and machine gun” “Take! There are many works and songs with “Sailor suit” in the title, such as “Sailor suit” and “Don’t take off your sailor suit.”

Besides the title, countless anime characters in “sailor suits” come to mind. Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce the characters that come to mind in “sailor suits” by classifying them into “3”.

Fighting sailor suit

The most conceivable sailor suit is “Sailor Moon.” Combat costumes with sailor suits are longing for girls all over the world! It is loved in Japan and overseas, and it is also fresh in my memory that Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva played Sailor Moon at a Japanese ice show.

There was another work in which costumes arranged sailor suits and fought in common. It’s “Kill la Kill.” It is set in a school dominated by force and fear by the student organization that manipulates the “extreme uniform” that gives humans power beyond human knowledge. It became an animation in which “uniform” is more important than a sailor suit. Was there.

The sailor suit initially worn by the main character, Ryuko Matoi, has been arranged to be slightly more exposed. Still, the appearance of wearing the mysterious black talking sailor suit “fresh blood” is quite naughty! Also, the scene where you fight in such bold clothes is a powerful scene that demonstrates the power of TRIGGER, so please pay attention to that as well.

Kyoto Animation x Sailor Suit

It was introduced at the beginning, “Moteke! The anime whose theme song was “Sailor Fuku” is “Lucky Star.” It is a comedy work that depicts the daily life of high school students, and the material and parody of other works were used abundantly, recording explosive popularity.

I feel that the animation studio “Kyoto Animation” that I produced often wears sailor suits to the characters in other works. First of all, “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” established the name of “Kyoto Animation.” Furthermore, “CLANNAD,” “Daily Life,” “Hyoka,” “Beyond the Boundary,” and “Sound! Euphonium, Liz, and the Blue Bird … uniforms are sailor suits in all of these.

Boy x sailor suit

By the way, the first sailor suit character that I came up with was Syaoran Li from “Cardcaptor Sakura” for some reason. In anime, not only girls but also boys sometimes wear it.

In addition to this, Momiji Sohma from “Nagi no Asukara” and “Fruit Basket” and “Ensemble Stars!” !! The idol group’s costume “Ra * bits” that appear in the movie also comes in a sailor color.

People tend to think of sailor uniforms worn by women, but they were used initially as military uniforms for the Navy. There are various theories as to why the large collar, which is a characteristic of sailor suits, raises the collar when it is difficult to hear the sound due to the influence of wind on the deck.

Sailor suits that will continue to appear in Japanese anime

Character costumes are essential in anime works. I’ve heard before that I was thinking about getting cosplayed and making it with “clothes that I want to wear” in mind.

And since many schools in Japan require uniforms to be worn, many characters will probably be wearing uniforms and sailor suits even in anime works that will be born in the future.

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