‘LaLaport Fukuoka’, which is also waiting for Gundam, will open today, on the 25th.

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On the 24th, there was an event to showcase a full-scale statue (about 25 meters) of the popular anime “Mobile Suit Gundam” at the large commercial facility “LaLaport Fukuoka”, which will open on the 25th in Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka.

The statue is a newly designed one based on the aircraft “ν New Gundam” that appeared in the 1988 movie “Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack”.

At the opening ceremony on the same night, Hiroko Moriguchi, a singer from Fukuoka City, sang the theme song of the series, and Toru Furuya, who was the voice actor of the main character, also took the stage. A production also moved Gundam’s face and right arm according to the scene projected on the screen, entertaining the guests. The ceremony will be broadcast on YouTube at a later date.

After the ceremony, Mr Moriguchi said, “I feel powerful and vital. I am proud that Gundam stands in Furusato.”

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