‘RPG Real Estate’, a hot topic for TV animation, ‘Senpai was Otokoko’, ranked first in ‘Manga ranking that I want you to animate.’

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“New issue of the week” conveys information on new comics. The main comics released from April 25 to 30th are about 290 titles. 4 volumes of “RPG Real Estate” broadcasted from April on TV animation, ranked first in the voting project “5th Manga Ranking I Want You to Animate” of Japan’s largest anime event “AnimeJapan 2022” Two volumes of the selected “Senpai was Otokoko” will appear.

On April 25, “Dead” by Ryogo Narita, who is known for his two volumes of “Senior is a Man” and seven volumes of “Saletagawa no Blue”, which was made into a live-action drama, and “Durarara !!” Nine books of “Mount Display” will be released.

On April 27, in addition to 4 volumes of “RPG Real Estate”, 12 books of “Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki”, which started the 4th period of TV animation in April, will be released. On the 28th, 13 volumes of Shuzo Oshimi’s “Blood on the Tracks”, such as “Flowers of Evil”, will appear. On the 30th, 38 books of the golf manga “Oi! Tonbo” will be released.

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